ALBUM REVIEW: Diviner – Realms Of Time

The Greek Gods were a powerful bunch of unique beings that impacted the Earth in one way or another. Good or Evil, you knew about them and their presence could always be felt. This statement can also apply to Greek Heavy/Power Metal outfit DIVINER. Their sounds are so bold, epic and empowering that even thinking about their name will have a song of theirs in your head. They have unleashed their second album Realms Of Time and it’s an expansion on their grand sound.

For Realms Of Time, DIVINER decided it was time to expand their musical horizons and explore more territories. Particularly when it came to adding new elements with regards to lyrics, melodies, riffs and atmosphere. It’s more than safe to say they have achieved this.

Realms Of Time doesn’t beat around the bush with the bombastic opener Against The Grain, which is followed on by mighty single Heaven Falls. Against The Grain gives the listener that get up and go that is often required to either start the day, keep you going through a difficult feat or just as an epic backing for everyday tasks.

That’s the beauty of this album and it’s music. It can make anything seem godly and powerful. Having a listened to their previous material, I noticed that a greater sense of atmosphere is achieved in Realms Of Time. Their sound on their previous release was already majestic and grand, Realms Of Time is a worthy expansion of this and this can be heard throughout this release. Below are only a few examples of what this mighty album produces.

As mentioned, Heaven Falls follows on from the opening track. It was this single that turned my attention to this band. I really liked the straight up, no nonsense heavy metal with that added power and oomph. Especially during that empowering chorus that makes you feel you can conquer the world.

I am often drawn to songs with words like masquerade in the title and King Of Masquerade was no exception. There wasn’t so much a theatrical vibe to it like there is with most songs with that word in the title. It does still hold a grand vibe but in its own way. There is some flawless guitar work in this track, alongside a chorus that will swim around in your head for hours on end.

The beat of the track Time is a fist pumping, foot stomping one and it has a belting melody to match this. The powerful chorus contains lyrics about how we spend our time is precious. From what I understand, it states that we shouldn’t spend a huge deal of time regretting mistakes as it won’t change anything. The empowering melody arrangements match this sense of no regret. One of the best songs on the record.

I personally love an acoustic sound in metal tracks and at the beginning of album closer Stargate, there is a beautiful one. It gives the listener a different side of the band they have throughout Realms Of Time for a couple of minutes before one last blast of their bombastic metal. It’s one of the best album closers I have heard for a while. It does the two things that are vital; it gives you one last chance to listen to their bold metal whilst leaving you wanting more.

So, are you looking for a journey that involves majestic melodies that will blow you away? Then join DIVINER on their quest into the Realms Of Time.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Realms Of Time is out now via Ulterium Records.

Find DIVINER on Facebook and their official website

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