As you know, we are halfway through the year and there have been some great releases so far. This one is a great mixed bag of choices, which is why I personally love to do the Reader’s Choice topics. So without further ado, here is what our readers and some musicians have chosen as their top choices.

Dom Smith (The Parasitic Twins, WARO, Soundsphere)

The new Skints record is great if you like Ska, I think it’s called Learning To Swim taken from their album Swimming Lessons. I also like the new album Celebrity Mansions by Dinosaur Pile-Up. A band from Hull called New Meds have released a bunch of great new singles. I also like the new record from Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, it’s a great album and I am a huge fan of his work.

Rock Out Stand Out interviewed Dom Smith, stay tuned as the article is due online soon.

Becky W

My favourite is Beast In Black – From Hell With Love. The catchy upbeat lyrics make me smile from ear to ear, they are very talented group and Yannis knocks it out the park with his vocals. I listen to this whenever I feel down or anxious, it helps me find my smile.

Joel P

I love the Amon Amarth album because it’s just powerful and motivating. Most of the songs are also about historical events (like The Battle of Stanford Bridge), figures (Bjorn Ironside) and even mythological creatures (Fafnir in Fafnir’s gold).

As for Bismarck, I love everything about WWII and the song is beautifully musical, with awesome riffs, a great chorus and Joakim’s sexy voice.

Chris P

Ossuarium – Living Tomb, Bewitcher – Under The Witching Cross, Oozing Wound – High Anxiety , Wretched Fate – Fleshletting , Lucifera – La Cacería de Brujas and Possessed – Revelations of Oblivion

And there is so much more to look forward to!

Andy Barton (Grimgotts)

Let’s say the entire soundtrack from the film The Fisherman’s Friends.

Rock Out Stand Out interview Andy Barton, stay tuned for the article as it’s due online soon.

Dean M

Beast in Black’s From Hell with Love is my favourite so far this year. I love Unlimited Sin, Oceandeep and No Surrender.

Jeremy Ross Lawler

I really like the new Amon Amarth album. I have listened to it from start to finish quite a few times, it’s really punchy and it’s beautiful lyrically. This album is definitely my favourite out of everything they have done.

What would you have added to the table? Thank you to those readers who submitted their choices and the musicians who kindly gave me theirs too. The next Reader’s Choice topic will be announced soon, I am trying something different for the next one. Thanks for all your support and see you next time.

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