ALBUM REVIEW: Skillet – Victorious

Once you press the play button to get a record going, three things tend to happen. One:  you don’t like what you hear at all and you forget about the rest. Two:  you like what you hear but not enough to see the rest of the album through. Three:  you find yourself completely immersed in the music and it keeps you hooked from the word go, even when you have other tasks to complete.

Number three on that list heavily applies to the record Victorious. This is the upcoming record from award winning SKILLET. Judging from the empowering content this album possesses, it’s more than safe to say that the title Victorious is more than appropriate for the album. The evidence of the album title being more than ideal comes in the form of opening single Legendary. You feel this strength and power within a few seconds of this track. The album has barely begun and you already feel the infectious energy.

This album contains no fillers. Each song on the record contains a chest banging, fist pumping rhythm and a sense of fantastic dominance. Out of this impressive portfolio, it’s impossible to pick favourites here. There is an eclectic selection of tracks. For example, you have the heavier sounds from tracks such as You Ain’t Ready and Never Going Back. There are uplifting, soaring melodies such as the title track Victorious. Even the slower sounds such as Anchor and Terrify The Dark pack a punch.

Everything about the title track Victorious screams power, passion and that feeling you can conquer anything. This empowering melody is emphasised by a triumphant string arrangement. The song contains a grand chorus that makes anyone feel…. well victorious. Not to mention that this song will stick in your mind days after you first hear the song.

Looking for some motivation? Look no further than the track Rise Up. One word to describe the track:  bouncy. The melody is bouncy and the beat is bouncy. It is more than safe to say that this track will be well received at live shows. So, whether you are at a live show or in your living room, this track is ideal for giving you that pumping motivation you need to get going.

The single Anchor is beautiful.  It allows you to relax for a few moments after experiencing the mind-blowing heaviness from the previous. The song contains a beautiful melody and the lyrics about having someone there for you in your time of need are extremely touching. If you are seeking comfort, this is track for you.

Finish Line and Back To Life are the perfect tracks to finish on. These songs give you one last blast of empowerment and dominance before checking out with its listeners. There is more than the right amount of this to make the listener hanker for more and to place the album on loop.

To come across albums that you can listen to from start to finish without growing bored is a rarity. SKILLET highly achieve this with Victorious and much more. It is vital that this album has your undivided attention. The only way to enjoy the record is with the volume cranked to the max and playing out of the loudest speakers you own. Listen to the album and feel victorious.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Victorious will be unleashed 2nd August 2019 via Atlantic Records.

Find SKILLET on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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