Two weeks up and it’s time to update the playlist. There have been an array of single and album releases in the past couple of weeks. Alongside this list, there will be two festival specials so watch out for those.

Some are fresh off the press. These come from HammerFall with their new single Dominion, the title track from their upcoming album. Another comes from the freshly released album Victorious from award winning Skillet, this album is truly uplifting and will make you Victorious. The new Visions Of Atlantis single A Journey To Remember is fresh today too.

Other single releases come from Kobra And The Lotus, DragonForce, Lagerstein, ,Wednesday 13 Finsterforst Alter Bridge, Twlight Force, Lacuna Coil and The Agonist. There album releases from Control The Storm and Children Of The Sün.

Also the usual handful of classics so keep an eye out for those. There were birthday’s in the Machine Head and Rob Zombie camp to give you a clue.


Visions Of Atlantis – A Journey To Remember
Skillet – Victorious
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
Machine Head – Hallowed Be Thy Name
HammerFall – Dominion
Lagerstein – Shoey Song
Rob Zombie – Dragula
Alter Bridge – Pay No Mind
Lacuna Coil – Layers Of Time
Megadeth – A Tout Le Monde
Symphony X – Nevermore
Kobra And The Lotus – Burn!
Finsterforst – Zerfall
The Agonist – Burn It All Down
Wednesday 13 – Decompose
DragonForce – Highway To Oblivion
Twilight Force – Dawn Of The Dragonstar
Whitesnake – Fool For Your Loving
Control The Storm – Hidden Wonder
Children Of The Sün – Sunchild

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