For most metal heads, Bloodstock Open Air Festival is like Christmas. It’s a highly anticipated event where preparation from bands, attendees, organisers and crew starts very early on. It’s a great way to soak in a warm and welcoming atmosphere whilst checking out some great bands. For those of you who are going this year, a playlist has been created with some of the bands to go check out whilst you’re there.

Headliners Sabaton, Parkway Drive and The Scorpions alongside other main stage acts such as Dimmu Borgir, Evil Scarecrow, Powerwolf and a few others. Sophie Stage bands include the stage headliners Grand Magus, Eluveitie, Rotting Christ and Taake. They share the stage with Witchtripper, Footprints In The Custard, Bloodred Hourglass and Control The Storm.

One thing to do? If you’re not enjoying a band on the main stage, please go check out the New Blood Stage, one band to check out are the band Stormcast who will be on the New Blood Stage Saturday morning.

Enjoy the festival and stay safe.


Rotting Christ – Χ Ξ Σ (666)
Bloodred Hourglass – Waves of Black
Parkway Drive – Prey
Grand Magus – Triumph And Power
Soulfly – The Summoning
Soilwork – Distortion Sleep
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways
Stormcast – Lushai Hills
Witchtripper – Attitude Adjustment
Cancer Bats – Sabotage
Footprints In The Custard – Party Metal
Swallow The Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into the Light
Countless Skies – Tempest
Eluveitie – King
Evil Scarecrow – Robototron
Sabaton – To Hell And Back
Control The Storm – Chaotic Mind
Powerwolf – Incense & Iron
Taake – Nordbundet
Scorpions – No One Like You

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