ALBUM REVIEW: Metalite – A Virtual World

If Carlsberg were to make a rock back, how would they go about it? They would probably get two fantastic guitarists (Edwin Premberg and Robert Õrnesved), an awesome drummer (Lea Larsson), a brilliant bass player (Robert Majd) and obviously a fantastic vocalist with a great voice (Erica Ohlsson). They would make it a bit different to other brands, maybe a little lighter (more melodic), yet still pack it with a serious punch. Then I guess they would call it METALITE.

Okay, so Carlsberg are Danish and METALITE from neighbouring Sweden, but you cannot deny the Scandinavian flavour which is evident here…and it’s worth indulging in. METALITE have fused modern electronic programming with an 80’s style of metal that takes me back to my younger days. Guitar riffs and solos which could be from the past, transported to the future.

“We see ourselves as a modern band that works differently than most Melodic Metal bands out there,” the view of guitarist Edwin Premberg. A Virtual World is their third album (to be released on the 26th March via AFM Records), following on from Heroes In Time and Biomechanicals.

This latest addition to their catalogue has you exploring a future world, not only through the lyrics but the journey this whole musical arrangement takes you on. Very catchy songs, performed like the world is depending on it.

A Virtual World, a cloud in the sky,

It’s calling you dreaming of eternal life,

For everyone who got the key deep inside their minds…

These words from the chorus of the title track leave you with no doubts of the direction the album is heading…forward, into the future.

With the occasional electronic voice over, this is a song that could be from the latest science fiction movie…or a ride at Universal Studios.

With vocalist Erica being a relatively new member, joining eighteen months ago (this is her second album with the band, the first being Biomechanicals), I think it’s safe to say that she has settled in well. She sounds great. Add those talents to an already accomplished group of musicians all pulling in the same direction, and you have a winning formula.

The song writing here is of real quality. It’s hard to pick out an early favourite track as I like them all. Running stuck out a little, maybe because of the title, I could see myself actually “running” to this, it has a great rhythm. But the whole album has an uplifting feel. It injects you with a shot of energy and sparks you into life…and we could all do with a bit of that right now.

The art of making an album as good as this is putting in the hard work, yet the finished article appearing as though it was effortless. In my opinion, this is a fantastic album. With Carlsberg known for making “probably” the best in the World, it’s believable to think that they could have created METALITE.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Dave Jones

A Virtual World will be unleashed 26th March 2021 via AFM Records.

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