ALBUM REVIEW: Ty Morn – Istor

Imagine the vocal work from the likes of HAMMERFALL with a hint of SONATA ARCTICA, add in some slick guitar work from legends and fantastic lyrical content. The result? You get majestic melodies that make you thank the gods that TY MORN are bringing back those sounds from the golden era of metal. They released their debut album Istor earlier this year and have recently re-released it as a limited-edition coloured vinyl via Doc Gator Records.  TY MORN is a metal project led by UK based Aron Biale. With the help of musicians from around the globe, he set out to create this stunning debut with remarkable results.

One of the first things I notice about the album is the fantastic song writing. This is a given cliché but each song has a story to tell, in this case all the tracks do. Another thing I notice about the album is the impeccable guitar work. There are some finger blistering solos and riffs here. You can hear both of these elements within the first track.

Istor gets off to a gallant start with Reign Of The Hunter. I mean the name alone suggests a great tale so all the more important to have the music that matches. In this case, it definitely does. Like mentioned previously, the song tells a grand story and this is backed up with some top-class metal that will be admired throughout the community. I can also imagine grabbing the air as the chorus cries the title of the track.

They continue this gallant musicianship throughout the album. Their majestic music arrangements all live up to the equally grand names.

A prominent example of this comes from the track, The Language Of Beasts. The sweeping beats and melody entice you in instantly, the melody of the chorus is gallant and somewhat nostalgic. It reminds me of discovering this sort of metal for the first time and why I really like it now. This song encompasses brilliant guitar work, dominant vocals and a head banging beat that will be well received.

Die Where We Stand is a heavy metal treasure. It is a triumphant song, this is reinforced by the arrangements and lyrical content. The melody of this track is very memorable and it’s one that I will be remembering for a long time. Particularly the part where you imagine a battle about to take place before it goes back into the heavy metal goodness.

I do love a good spooky sounding song and Harvest Of Souls fits this criteria splendidly. I am reminded of Alice Cooper, particularly at the very beginning of the track. This track still keeps to the TY MORN sound and doesn’t stray away. This was one of those songs where you don’t quite know what’s coming around the corner and this keeps you on your toes.

The grand and majestic sounds continue until the very last track. Hunt Leviathan takes you on one last voyage before taking a well-deserved bow.

This was a compelling debut that takes you on a journey of TY MORN’s many faces whilst sticking to their brilliant sound.  Old School Heavy Metal fans and new listeners a like, your next adventure awaits.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Istor is out now.

Find TY MORN on Facebook and BandCamp.

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