Most of know that music has an incredible power to bring back some amazing memories and remind you of loved ones. Here are what some readers and guests picked as their songs that reminded them of loved ones.

Lexi H

I think my submission for the Reader’s Choice this month would be From Yesterday by 30 Seconds To Mars. It’s the song that introduced me to this genre of music and opened my eyes to it, and it gave me and my sister something else to bond over, and we both fell in love with the band after hearing this song. After that we went to tons of their shows together, they were the music we played any time it was two of us, so this song holds strong memories of my sister for me!

Aled Clifford (Henry’s Funeral Shoe)

Anything by The Kinks. Particularly Days by The Kinks as that reminds me of my Dad as he was a big Kinks fan. Wildflowers by Tom Petty reminds me of my first son and In My Life by The Beatles as it’s lyrically fantastic.

Rich Rutter (Toledo Steel)

For me it’s Urgent by Foreigner, it’s a sentimental song for me.

Emma F

For this month’s song choice, mine is For Evigt. I met my significant other just before I left Southampton for a couple of months and we met up at the Volbeat gig. They were supporting Alter Bridge. That was where we first realised, we wanted the relationship to go somewhere.

Martin White (Rock Out Stand Out)

Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles for the playlist for me. This song is my Dad’s favourite by the group. He told me about this when he lived in Northern Ireland, a friend was playing it on an acoustic guitar in the hallway who then lent him an album. The Eagles are one of my earliest if not the earliest memory of music for me and always puts a smile on my face. We have not yet been able to see The Eagles in person but have seen a couple of tribute bands together over the years.

Thank you to those who submitted choices. What would you have picked? The next topic will be announced in due course.

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