Album Review: My Life’s Despair – Invoking With Passion And Pain

my life despair_phixr

With a name like MY LIFE’S DESPAIR you can tell from the off it isn’t going to be talking about some happy go lucky Pop group with songs about cute things and happiness.  The contents of their latest album “Invoked With Passion And Pain”, which is a more than appropriate name for this exhilarating release, look at the themes of love, depression, suicide and life experiences.

It was the year 1994 in San Diego, California when MY LIFE’S DESPAIR was born into the midst;  whilst the world was mourning the loss of NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain or crying their eyes out at The Lion King that was newly released into cinemas, three musicians came together to create music. Over the past two decades they have released three demos and an EP; “Invoked With Passion And Pain” is their first full length album and it brings despair and misery. Within terms of this kind of metal that is a huge compliment.

The album instantly gives us the first glimpse of their beautifully dark sound through the opening tracks “As Flames Ignite” and “A Caress Of Stars”; the things you can hear from the word go are the spellbinding synthesiser work, enchanting siren-esque vocal work, hard hitting death growls and of course the all important heavy, heart pounding riffs.

What’s beautiful about the tracks on this epic album is the spontaneity and unpredictability of their work, one moment you hear the absolute aggressiveness via the pounding distortion of the guitars and growls that will cause destruction then the next you are hearing the beautiful sirens and softness within the edgy sound. A prime example of this can be heard on tracks “She Said Forever” and “Regrets”

Magnificently ending on concluding tracks “Dreams Dimension” and “In The Cosmic Laboratory” it is clear that MY LIFE’S DESPAIR will be the metal band everyone will talk about, their straight forward yet dark approach to their music is just inspiring.


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