ALBUM REVIEW: Dawnlight – Until The Dark Sun Rises

Attention Power Mental Enthusiast. Allow me to introduce DAWNLIGHT, a Symphonic Power Metal band hailing from Valladolid, Castile and Leon in Spain. Prior to this, the band released their EP Eternity in 2017 and this year, they have launched their debut album Until the Dark Sun Rises. This album is full of splendour, adventure and endurance of a warrior so passionate and powerful you will go to buy your sword and stead to support this cause.

Here is a breakdown of each track on the album.

The Longest Night isa beautiful opening track that is composed with an orchestra, a stunning choir performance and guitars adding to the piece.

Men Of Shadows has beautiful melodic vocals that project the strong emotion within the lyrical content. This is accompanied by fast paced guitars. There are heartfelt tear-jerking words within the lyrics. What struck me is the similarity in the vocals of the artist TONY KAKKO of the band SONATA ARCTICA.

With the track The Guardians of the Dawnlight, the intro struck my attention. This was due to the striking beauty of the melodic vocals, which then incorporate into harsh growls. These communicate a message that they are the guardians; their mission is to protect, fight with honour whilst maintaining a sense of pride and will sacrifice for the greater good.

The White Wolf has a beautiful piano solo that builds up to a crescendo of guitars. The vocals project the sadness and torture that tells the tale of the white wolf. The white wolf is a euphemism of a warrior who was trained from childhood and snatched from his family to witness blood, death and sorrow.

Eternity is beautiful and dramatic. It starts off with soul stirring guitars. It tells the story of the warrior’s relentless power when they fight for their honour and the glory they gain from the victory of the battles.

Seven Souls has an atmospheric, symphonic melodic opening that leads into the power of the choir and fast paced guitars. A tear wet my cheek during this captivating music. The lyrics were full of passion and sorrow.

The intro of After Wars takes your imagination on a journey with a melodic breath-taking atmosphere. It is a tale of a warrior’s path that is haunting, heroic and traumatic. Particularly for the long-anticipated taste of victory for the honour to be bestowed on him.

Dark Sun hasa slow drum solo building up to a gentle melodic background of an engaging choir that compliments the haunting lyrics. The listener can feel the emotion flow from his voice during the course of the song, sadness, regret, hope of being free from this burden.

Heroes Sorrow contains a powerful drum solo that links together the swift, vigorous guitars and the seamless bewitching vocals. The vocals tell the tale from the hero’s point of view. Although being a hero is an honour and a privilege to be fought for, the warrior has dark thoughts, regrets and remorse that overtake the positive. These negative thoughts slowly cause the heart to darken.

The bonus track is a cover of MUSE classic Starlight; this is a well-orchestrated piece of art demonstrating the talent of the band. Meanwhile while MUSE is rock band, hearing it being performed from a power metal perspective is refreshing, the vocals flow seamlessly with power and dominance.

To sum up, this album is beautifully written and composed. It’s a truly enjoyable album from start to finish.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Becky Weale

Until The Dark Sun Rises is out now.

Find DAWNLIGHT on Facebook and BandCamp.

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