ALBUM REVIEW: Memories Of Old – The Zeramin Game

Sometimes there is nothing better than losing oneself in realms of fantasy such as Cimmeria, Krynn and Middle Earth. These other worlds feature a wide array of characters, from mighty barbarians and evil wizards to creatures of myth and legend.   Hidden amongst the mists, is a new land to discover. Waiting, to share stories … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Memories Of Old – The Zeramin Game

ALBUM REVIEW: Guns For Girls – Blood Harmonies

Guns for Girls where formed in 2007, they have been growing and developing since then. They have been playing as many live gigs as possible. Having had a high turn round in members they have recently settled down into a three-piece line up with vocalist and guitarist Gavin Herbert, bassist Carl Haden and drummer Dylan … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Guns For Girls – Blood Harmonies

ALBUM REVIEW: Mitsein – I’ll Find My Way

Looking for melodic captivating talent? Let me present MITSEIN to you. From beautiful, rich vocals to fierce, powerful guitar riffs; a perfect mix is fulfilled in this masterpiece. The melodic troupe are due to release their album I’ll Find My Way. The band name MITSEIN is of German origin and it means "to be with". … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Mitsein – I’ll Find My Way

ALBUM REVIEW: Terry Draper – Sunset On Mars

I’m a progressive music fan; progressive rock is awesome, progressive metal is excellent. I’ll even dabble in the avant-garde when the mood should take me. But I don’t think I’ve ever experienced progressive pop. Or have I? Back in 1976 the band KLAATU released a song called Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, it reached number … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Terry Draper – Sunset On Mars

ALBUM REVIEW: Melomaniak – El Adversario

El Adversario is the second album from Chilean heavy metal band MELOMANIAK, compiling of 12 tracks, with a run-time of 40 minutes. Never having had the pleasure of listening to MELOMANIAK previously, I had no idea how much of a punch this band would pack - and that is quite a big one. El Adversario … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Melomaniak – El Adversario

ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwalkers – Conviction

NIGHTWALKERS latest album Conviction has been out for a little while now. Here is a break down of all the tracks. It opens with Metal Land and to be honest it doesn’t really sound much like a Thrash album. The vocals and the guitars don’t sound as heavy as I thought they were going to … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwalkers – Conviction

ALBUM REVIEW: Soulsplitter – Salutgenesis

Come one come forth to sample this phenomenal, majestic and ear pleasing triumph that is SOULSPLITTER. I see that now I have your attention. I was given the opportunity to review this album, different from my usual taste. SOULSPLITTER hail from Germany and they started their journey to create their debut concept album Salutgenesis. It … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Soulsplitter – Salutgenesis

EP REVIEW: Agabas – Agabas

AGABAS are a six-piece band from Norway who comprise of Sondre Sørensen Brønstad (vocals), Oskar Myrseth (Guitar), Jarand Aga Baas (Guitar), Jens Roberts (Clarinet), Johan Jamtfall Eriksen (Bass) and Eirik Torjus Bakken (Drums). They style themselves “Deathjazz for your soul”. Initially I thought I’d read the genre wrong in someway. Eventually it became clear that … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Agabas – Agabas

ALBUM REVIEW: Dawnlight – Until The Dark Sun Rises

Attention Power Mental Enthusiast. Allow me to introduce DAWNLIGHT, a Symphonic Power Metal band hailing from Valladolid, Castile and Leon in Spain. Prior to this, the band released their EP Eternity in 2017 and this year, they have launched their debut album Until the Dark Sun Rises. This album is full of splendour, adventure and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Dawnlight – Until The Dark Sun Rises