It’s time set the sails on the longboats, stock up the mead and have the drinking horns ready. HRH Vikings takes place this weekend. Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham will be there so feel free to come say hi.

The list includes songs from the band’s line up plus a couple of Viking anthems. Bands include Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Heidevolk, Skamold, Red Rum, Elvenking, Infernal Sea, Fen and many more.

ROCK OUT stand out: Hrh vikings special

Heidevolk – A Wolf In My Heart
Atorc – Under The Raven Banner
Skamold – Gleipnir
Shadow Flag – The Beasts That Perish
The Infernal Sea – Pestmeester
Red Rum – Beer A Flowin’
Rannoch – Age Of The Locust
Fjords – Ode To The Albatross
Necronautical – Apotheosis
Elderseer – The World Is Your Cloister
Skyclad – Anotherdrinkingsong
Deadwood Lake – Visions From The Faded Years
Moonsorrow – Suden Tunti
Fen – Nebula
Finntroll – Trollhammaren
Cruachan – The Marching Song of Fiach Mac Hugh
Brothers Of Metal – The Mead Song
Elvenking – The Horned Ghost And The Sorcerer
Wolvencrown – Beneath The Frozen Moon
Amon Amarth – The Pursuit Of Vikings

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