ALBUM REVIEW: Vhäldemar – Metal Of The World

Metal Of The World is the third album from Spain’s VHÄLDEMAR. It was originally released in 2007 but this time features new album cover artwork as part of the re-release.

The album features 13 tracks and clocks in at 48 minutes running time.

River of Blood is included as a bonus track on this release but was the intro song on the previous release of this album. As an opening track it certainly grips your attention and is a prime headbanging track. Vocalist Carlos Escudero’s style comes across as very much like HELLOWEEN’s Andi Deris.

Dusty Road is a track that has been selected for a single in relation to the album re-release. It has a catchy chorus that one can see going down well live – and I imagine it already has, due to when it originally debuted! The premise of Saints of Hell for me relates to the Leviathan, usually associated as an aquatic demon/creature casting its evil energy across the waters. It could also be incorporated as to that of a Lovecraftian deity causing madness and being blind to the insanity caused be witnessing such sights. Musically it is an opportune song to rock out to and is probably one of the best tracks on the album.

Metal of the World, the title track hammers the senses like a blacksmiths forge and featuring quality guitar skills by Pedro J. Monge.

Wartime’sinitial riff reminds me of the original Mortal Kombat videogame intro music, an appropriate song title and track to psych you up ready for war!

Remember those horror films or dreams where there is someone chasing you and you cannot get away? My Nightmare is the ideal theme for those! A haunting and wailing guitar melody but an absolute awesome track to rock out to. “Waiting for the nightmare there’s no other way. This time you’ve got to fight alone. All the sleepless nights falling into madness, You cry for a helping hand…”

Wild Hearts features a very melodic and rapid guitar solo included. It is a fast paced Power Metal anthem for sure.

Bastards utilises elements akin to the rest of the album, rapid riffs and has every opportunity to be a crowd pleaser live

Action as this track starts it is reminiscent of a RAGE track, a good mix of Power and Thrash Metal that continues throughout.

Light & Darkness this song is told from the perspective of Lucifer. “In darkness you will cry, my name is Lucifer. The shadows will stand. Everything will be the same. Surrender! The hell was forged for me” Again, some quality guitar playing from the talented Pedro J. Monge again on this track too.

Arrows Flying High is a track that conjures up a battlefield from the offset. I can visualise armed cavalry charging across a battlefield towards each other with arrows raining down from overhead. There are references to the elements of fire and ice along with the Black Death, so can this be seen as a Warlock who they are doing battle with or could it be a potential reference to A Song of Ice and Fire (GoT)?

Bach’s Invention is an instrumental only track and could quite literally have been penned by classical composer Johan Sebastian Bach due to the technical composition involved on this piece.

Old Kings Visions (Pt.3)  is as you can imagine another part of Old Kings Visions saga which have featured on previous releases and have continued to be on each VHÄLDEMAR album since – now up to Part 5! It has given me the drive to listen to all five parts back to back to get the full context and premise of the visions sung about.


VHALDEMAR’ s Metal of the World re-release is a good opportunity to further explore this band and I am interested to discover what the rest of their discography is like.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Martin White

Metal Of The World is out now.

Find VHÄLDEMAR on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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