SINGLE REVIEW: Jeremy Ross Lawler – Last To Fall

As previously noted in a recent EP review, it’s incredibly admirable that musicians choose to release brand new material in month saturated with festive music. The musician in question here is Jeremy Ross Lawler and his upcoming single Last To Fall.

This is part of his upcoming album The Last To Fall, which will serve as a prequel to WINTER’S EDGE album The Ferryman’s Eyes. This particular song is the start of a story about Lucifer loosing his place in heaven and cast out onto earth. It’s there he tries to get back into heaven over the years.

Jeremy was the original founders of WINTER’S EDGE. Between the years of 2009 and 2019, he released three albums with the band. He left the band earlier this year to continue his solo work and to tell the stories he told within the WINTER’S EDGE universe.

The moment you press play on Last To Fall, you are hit with a majestic impact of beautiful choral vocals provided by WINTER’S EDGE vocalist Charlotte Jones. This is followed by powerful vocals from JAVELIN’s Carsten Hille during the verses and choruses. I admire the song’s interesting structure, you don’t quite know what to expect and it keeps you guessing. I won’t reveal too much here as it’s recommended you listen to the single to find out how the song plays out.

As well as two fantastic vocalists, this song contains an impressive collection of talent from across the board. Actor Greg Draven, whose credits include Game Of Thrones and The Justice League Movie, gives some spoken words on the record that add impact. There are some fingerblistering guitar solos from the likes of Frank Clow (END OF SALVATION), Nicholas Meek (WINTER’S EDGE) and Peter Lancaster (TALLER THAN JANE, MONARCHY). SYMPHONY X’s Mike LePond provides his solid bass lines.

Jeremy is a truly passionate musician and you can hear this through the music he creates. This single will give you this strong evidence of this passion and hard work. It also gives a great indicator on what to expect on the album. Highly recommended if you like bands such as EVERGREY and SYMPHONY X.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Last To Fall will be released 23rd December.

Find Jeremy Ross Lawler on Facebook, Twitter and Music Glue.

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