ALBUM REVIEW: Grimgotts – Tales, Sagas & Legends

They say there is a first time for everything. This is the first time I have received a map of a fantasy land in a press pack. I hope this won’t be the last time, it’s a fantastic touch and other bands could learn from this. What is this fantasy land you ask? It’s Andria and it’s concocted by UK Power Symphonic Metal band GRIMGOTTS. You experience their upcoming tale in this fantastical land soon. Tales, Sagas & Legends is collection of epic melodies that will be cherished for years to come.

The tale begins with Fight Till The End. From the moment I pressed play on this track, I can already hear the growth and development in their sound. I had the pleasure of reviewing their previous album Dragons of the Ages so it was great to hear this development. There is a huge sense of comradery within this track, you want to sign up with this band of warriors before the quest has begun. This was a great way to start the adventure on.

One of things I admire on this album is the variety of tracks. No track sounds similar to the last yet they all have one thing in common; displaying comradery and honour between a band of warriors. You have tracks that are typically power metal such as Northern Passage, Land Of Tomorrow and Fight Against The World. There are also tracks that ALESTORM wish they had written such as For The Power, Plunder, Loot & Chatney and Edge Of The World.

First impressions of For The Power? This would be the outcome if ALESTORM collaborated with DRAGONFORCE. Reasons for this? There is swashbuckling greatness that allows you to imagine you are at sea travelling whilst have a great old time. At points, vocalist Andy Barton sounds like Marc Hudson. Thanks to this track, I now want to see DRAGONFORCE perform on a pirate ship.

Northern Passage is a power metal fan’s dream track. It contains beats that many fans can swish their glossy hair to, providing further proof that shampoo adverts need to recruit metal heads. I personally enjoyed the ENSIFERUM-esque growls.  There are moments in the track where you feel like you want to grab the air with might. I should also mention there is an awesome guitar lick at the end.

Plunder, Loot & Chatney is a track ALESTORM wish they had written. The comical lyrics alongside the swashbuckling greatness works fantastically here. In my experience, metalheads do love a great folk jig to dance to and this track will be perfect for that.

I should mention it is worth sticking around for the bonus tracks. Fight Against The World wouldn’t be out of place on a FREEDOM CALL album. I admire the pirate/tribal goodness in soon to be new anthem Grimgotts Calling. The Lost Chapters is a gallant instrumental, could it be a set up for the next adventure? I hope so.

Tales, Sagas & Legends is overall a solid album that invokes great comradery and you have a fantastic time along the way. GRIMMGOTTS are a band to watch out for and everyone will want to be part of their clan.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Tales, Saga & Legends will be unleashed 7th May 2021 via Stormspell Records.

Find GRIMGOTTS on Facebook.

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