Before the last Rock Out Stand Playlist of the year is revealed, I would like to give honourable mentions to the following albums:

A New Tomorrow – Universe

I really enjoyed the vast sounds of this album. I caught their live show a year ago and was taken with their sounds. Imagine ALTER BRIDGE meets FOO FIGHTERS and throw in QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and you get the sounds of A NEW TOMORROW. Their music matches the positivity and hope behind their band name. It’s albums like this that prove the rock scene is alive and kicking. I personally really liked the tracks Golden Sands, A Million Stars and Step Into The Wild. The future for these guys is looking bright.

Obsidian Tide – Pillars Of Creation

A few years ago, I reviewed OBSIDIAN TIDE’s debut EP and really took to the hazy sounds. Fast forward to the present and I got to review their debut album Pillars Of Creation. This isn’t just an album, it’s an experience that requires your undivided attention. It’s a journey full of unexpected twists and turns that I won’t reveal here, it’s recommended you buy the album to find out what those are. If this album doesn’t get the band swooped up by a big record label, I don’t know what will.

Crystal Viper – Tales Of Fire And Ice

CRYSTAL VIPER are a new discovery for me this year and after hearing the strong sounds from Tales Of Fire And Ice I hope to see more of them. It’s a straight up, no nonsense album that delivers top class heavy metal sounds. Powerful vocals, finger blistering guitar work and thunderous rhythms? You can place a big tick by all of these items on this list of essential elements to create a Heavy Metal gem. There are some fierce tracks on the album such as Bright Lights, Under Ice and Tears Of Arizona. They are definitely ones to keeping your eyes out for.

Rotting Christ – The Heretics

As most of you know, ROTTING CHRIST have been personal favourites of mine since I caught them headline the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock a few years ago. Their latest release The Heretics only upholds my admiration for their mesmerising music. The album doesn’t mess around as it opens with In The Name Of God and the album keeps up the strong music from there. Highlights on the album include Vetry Zlye, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Dies Irae and Fire God And Fear. What I like about this album is that it proves beauty can be found in the darkest places if you look hard enough. This was one of the things that drew me to the band in the first place.

Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild

I am a huge fan of the bold and exciting sounds of eighties rock, I also have a huge admiration for modern bands bringing those sounds back. The appropriately titled Forever Wild by CRAZY LIXX is the key to feeling free and wild. The songs contain bold and exciting sounds that make you feel like you are free and invincible; this is evident in my personal favourite tracks Wicked, Eagle and Terminal Velocity. I also love the fun antics in She’s Wearing Yesterday’s Face. Feel free and Forever Wild with the sounds of this album.

Stay tuned for the last Rock Out Stand Out Playlist of the year.

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