ALBUM REVIEW: War Dogs – Die By My Sword

Rock and heavy metal fans! Welcome to the latest album by WAR DOGS! This is stunningly orchestrated masterpiece is addictive enough to sink your teeth into. The band are due to release their upcoming album Die By My Sword in a matter of days.

This listening journey starts with the following up-tempo title track. The iron voice of Alberto Rodríguez powers the intro of this piece. It also contains fast paced and melodic guitar solos. This track has a power metal element to it from the speed of the rhythm of the guitars to the smooth deep beauty of the vocals.

Castle Of Pain has a lively rhythm of the guitars that complement the vocalist Alberto Rodriguez perfectly. It’s a sorrowful piece of music that is demonstrated by the pain and heartfelt lyrics. These words paint a story of being trapped within a proverbial castle of pain.

Wings Of Fire is anadrenaline fuelled piece with the powerful solos from the bass guitarist Manuel Molina. It’s a well-orchestrated piece of art, there is so much passion and talent being presented by the vocalist Alberto Rodriguez. This track demonstrates the struggle of trying to succeed in a world of war.

Revenge is bittersweet it comes at a price. Master Of Revenge demonstrates this through the range of emotional lyrics and haunting guitars. These communicate the story behind the lyrics seamlessly.

Kill The Past contains really enjoyable guitar riffs during the intro. The song also contains a catchy melody that had me tapping my foot and powerful vocals that catch the attention of the listener. The lyrics that stood out during the song was “Leave the past behind don’t let the past poison your mind”

Ready To Strike is a perfect, speed driven catchy battle that is adrenaline fuelled. This is reinforced with the bass line, catchy passionate lyrics and powerful drum solo.

The Shark is a duet with the vocalists Bryan Patrick and Alberto Rodriguez. These vocals fuse together in this piece well. The song projects the message about the late MANILLA ROAD vocalist Mark Sheldon. Upon hearing the passionate line “he gave heavy metal to the world”, I threw my horns up in respect.

The Lights Are On (But Nobody’s Home) is a beautifully orchestrated piece that presents the band talent in a profound way. There are powerful guitar riffs by Eduardo Antón and Enrique Mas. This track has a catchy chorus line. The lyrics project the frustration and ignorance that can befall on some people.

Gorgon Eyes starts with a well-orchestrated drum solo by José V. Aldeguer. The song continues with compelling guitar solos by Eduardo Antón and Enrique Mas. The track focus is of a relationship that is plagued by control and abuse. The lyrics that hit home where “I was seduced by an evil monster” and “she controls me, I need to see the beauty behind those eyes”.

Final track of this album but in no means least is Wrath of Theseus. There is no change or energy lost in this album content. There are spectacular guitar solos, vigorous drum solos and captivating vocals. It tells a tale of a lady who is angry and vengeful.

In conclusion, this album is a beautifully written piece with catchy upbeat guitar riffs and lyrics. Influenced by Heavy Metal giants IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and MERCYFUL FATE. It’s an impressive album that is certainly worth your attention

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Die By My Sword will be out 9th January via Fighter Records.

Find WAR DOGS on Facebook.

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