ALBUM REVIEW: Necropsy – Exitus

Well those crazy Finns have done it again with another great Death Metal album. Imagine Morbo from Futurama saying it when he is furious because that is how I am saying it. For those of you who are not familiar with this truly magnificent sub-genre, it is a return for a Death Metal band that has been around for decades; NECROPSY.

I presume that when this EP is released, people will be immediately drawn to the graphic and imaginative artwork on the front cover. It is very eye catching and striking to look at; a corpse that looks like it is in the stages of putrefaction and has two slimy green hands ripping through its chest. I have to salute the band with the devil horns and with the offer of a pint for that.

Meat Ceremony is first track on this EP. It is a truly energetic start to the EP at the beginning. When it all kicks off, it sounds as heavy as Brian Blessed giving a sermon in a satanic church. It’s very loud, very demonic and very memorable. Who wouldn’t want to hear that? Warning:  this track is not suitable for vegans.

With Fucking Dead, I am not going to apologise for the title of this track as I did not name it and the band shouldn’t do either. It has a very memorable intro that has a slow tempo with just a guitar playing with the bass comes in after. Then everything else comes crashing in, it actually sounds like it is in time with Satan’s desk toy that has the heads of Glam Metal fans banging against one another. This is a truly brilliant song and so far from what I have heard so far this band is anything but Fucking Dead.

The third track 206 Motivesstarts off with a quicker vibe to it until you hear the first verse. The guitars and bass sound so heavy that if you played it at the usual volume, you would see your own heart explode. That is how heavy this song is and the drumming is so fantastic that it would sound like the march to a war between metalheads and pop fans. One that us metalheads would win of course. It is a truly brilliant song and even though it is 8 minutes long, it is not in anyway boring; it is mesmerising and exciting to listen to.

The EP closer Butcherado is different in comparison to the previous songs. It has a very fast tempo at the start and every instrument is playing; it sounds fantastic to be honest. This song Butcheradois what I look for in a death metal band; fast tempo with drumming that could start an earthquake, guitars that are ear splitting and vocals that sound as if they are being sung by the offspring of Corpsegrinder and Gaahl. If they had a secret lovechild, this is it.  

On the whole this is a truly brilliant release from a band that has really hit the nail on the head with this EP. The only I can criticise is the mix in the production side of things as you can hear everything apart from the vocals; they need a wee bit more volume I think as it was a bit difficult to understand what the vocalist was saying. But apart from that everything else was perfect.

Exitus will be unleashed tomorrow.

Find NECROPSY on Facebook.

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