ALBUM REVIEW: Miles To Perdition – 2084

To all Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore fans! This is the latest album from the band MILES TO PERDITION, a band hailing from Luxembourg.

Starting with Final Warning, I like how it’s got an eerie horror styled intro. It reminds me of John Carpenter’s Halloween Movie Theme Song. Also, the narration onto the track makes it very good.

I like how Terror Of Lies starts. It kicks off with a good scream through the microphone, it’s an aggressive and great start to a good song. I also love the drumming into this song.

To The Guns gets better as you go into it. It starts off with great screamo vocals then onto really good drum beats. This is followed by good guitar riffs half way through the song.

S.O.M.A is okay. It’s probably my least favourite from this album, the drumming and the guitar riffs are average.

Divide Et Impera has a great introduction, I really like the guitar sound in this song and how the riff constantly changes with the screaming. Then at some point in the song, there’s a good guitar melody that I really enjoyed a lot. It then goes back to the aggressive sound that makes the song fantastic.

Cognitive Dissonance is stunning. It has an amazing dark ambient feel to it. It reminds me almost of Burzum’s dark ambient era mixed with John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme.

Now we’re onto the final song on the album called Doom and wow, this is by far my favourite song on the album. It starts off with a brilliant intro; loud and aggressive screaming with excellent drum slamming. Not to mention some amazing guitar riffs. It clocks in at twelve minutes long and it’s worth listening to all the way through.

So, to all fans of Melodic Death Metal or Metalcore, this is an album worth checking out. It starts off good but believe me, the entire album gets better and better as you get into it.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Tom Lupton

2084 will be released 31st January via Perdition Records.

Find MILES TO PERDITION on Facebook and their official website.

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