ALBUM REVIEW: Lordi – Killection

One of Finland’s finest hard rock/ heavy metal bands and one of the best bands ever to win the Eurovision song contest back in 2006. LORDI are back with a great album.

The album starts off with a radio representation intro called Radio SCG 10. I find this rather unique since you don’t get this with other heavy metal albums and it gives me this feeling when I play the next song, it’s going to really sound good!

Horror For Hire is the second track on the album and it has a great keyboard intro to it. This is then followed by the heavy metal music starts to kick in. There is great keyboard work, great guitar riffs, great drumming and Mr Lordi sounds amazing. The chorus sounds great. This has to be so far one of my favourite songs on Killection.

Shake The Baby Silent gives me a very good horror film type of vibe. I like how the song starts off and it’s got a really good dark dance type of beat to it. The lyrics sound so good to this track too, especially the chorus. I have to say this is another favourite of mine from this album. This song sounds like it was heavily influenced by Rob Zombie.

Like A Bee To The Honey has a good intro to it, sounds almost like a dance beat, something you can really dance too and then the keyboard melody hits. This sounds like a horror romance type of song. This is also one of my favourite songs, I can see people dancing to this song in rock venues in the near future.

Apollyon has a good intro, with the pianos and it starts to get better with the atmospheric sound effect to it and it builds up to a good lyric intro. Believe me, as you get through to this song, it gets better. I feel what’s great about this song is how they mix piano with the hard rock sound, plus the chorus is super good. It’s an average song in my opinion.

SCG10 The Last Hour is just another one of these exciting radio presentation intros and I feel after this intro, I’m going to prepare for more fun songs!

Blow My Fuse has a really great hard rock sound to it, it sounds so different compared to their other stuff on the album. I have to admit, this is another one of my personal favourites off the album. The song gets better with the great guitar riffs and the drumming. It has a brilliant chorus.

I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You is another great song with a good intro, brilliant lyrics and a really heavy metal and horror vibe to it. The chorus to this is brilliant as well!

Zombimbo sounds like a song from the 1970’s, it sounds very Disco/Motown. It’s like mixing the BEE GEE’s with monsters, now this is definitely unique. I have never imagined a Motown monster horror type of song, I absolutely love this. I’ll have to consider it one of my favourites for its uniqueness.

Up To No Good has amazing guitar and drum sound to it. I love the lyrical content as well.

SCG10 Demonic Semitones is just another radio intro. It helps me to prepare for more exciting songs

Cutterfly has an amazing piano melody to start it off and I love the lyrics to this. It gets better as it goes along but what I love most about this is the piano sound. It’s safe to say, this is another favourite of mine on this album.

Evil is the heaviest song on the album. There is good guitar riffs, excellent drum beats and great lyrics.

Scream Demon has a good bass riff to it. As the song progresses, it gets better and you get one of the greatest choruses I have ever heard. This is also a favourite off this album.

SCG10 I Am Here is the final radio presentation intro that marks the end of a great album!

LORDI still have it, even when they won Eurovision back in 2006, they became one of the finest bands hailing from Finland. Killection has album of the year contender for me already, great way to start the year.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Tom Lupton

The Monsters unleash their Killection on 31st January via AFM Records.

Find LORDI on Facebook and their official website.

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