ALBUM REVIEW: A Life Divided – Echoes

The eighties is easily my favourite decade of music, particularly when it comes to rock. So when modern bands bring the exciting and bold sounds from this decade to the present day, my interest is piqued already. The latest band I have come across that gives this reminiscent vibe is German Electro Rockers A LIFE DIVIDED. They are due to release their newest record Echoes that I am sure will attract music fans from across the spectrum.

Picking a strong opener has got to spot on, you need to draw the listeners in from the get go to keep them interested in listening to the rest. With Echoes, opening track Hello Emptiness does this splendidly. The track has a sci-fi feel about it, the atmospheric sounds grab your attention and ensures you are not distracted by anything else. Once you listen to this blinding opener, you will not look back. You will want to listen to the rest.

Throughout the duration of the album, I found these tracks give you an amazing lease of life and empowerment. I can imagine these tracks going down brilliantly during a live set. The synthesiser sounds are very reminiscent of the eighties and it did feel like I was listening to an album from this decade. It’s rare where each of the tracks stand out and A LIFE DIVIDED achieve this. So much so, it proved difficult to pick favourites. Below are just a few of the stand out tracks that showcase what this band have to offer.

The upbeat and summery tones from Addicted remind me of those eighties anthems that gain large crowds singing along. This is the song I can hear being played to huge crowds at festivals or stadiums. This is the song that will go down well on road trips to exciting destinations. This is the song you will be playing out loud to yourself and dance to it like no one is watching. This empowering melody is not one you should ignore; it is one to go to when you need a morale boost.

Bryan Adams comes to mind when I hear Jürgen Plangger’s mesmerising vocals on Far. From the electronic sci-fi sounds to the hard-hitting rock, all the elements of this track fit together so perfectly. It’s hard to pick a favourite part of this song so I will tell you a couple of highlights. The synthesisers are mesmerising, especially at the beginning where I am reminded of an eighty’s sci-fi film. There is a soaring chorus that helps you feel free. The song demonstrates the impeccable talent of the band.

There are a lot of surprising elements in the track Anybody Out There. Within the first few seconds, you are hit with the heavy beats and distorted guitars. The introduction makes you want to headbang and start a mosh pit before you are treated to their eighties like sound. The chorous is one that will be well received by live crowds and listeners a like. Despite each of the sections of the track being different from each other, they fuse together well to create this infectious energy.

It ends on a nostalgic note with the track Forevermore. This eighties vibe stays consistent throughout the record and this one last taste of this powerful sound only makes me want more.

This is not the album for background noise as you do your day to day tasks, this is an album that requires your undivided attention. Music fans of all genres, Echoes is calling for you and it is vital you turn this album up to maximum volume.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Echoes will be unleashed tomorrow via AFM Records.

Find A LIFE DIVIDED on Facebook and Twitter.

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