ALBUM REVIEW: Vision Of Choice – Mistress Of The Gods

To all power metal fans of new bands on the rise with new material, I present to you VISION OF CHOICE. This is a German metal project influenced by classic bands such as IRON MAIDEN and HELLOWEEN. They have released their debut album Mistress Of The Gods.

New Horizon is the first song on this record. The intro gives off a really strong Blade Runner movie score vibe. It then gives you brilliant heavy/speed drumming, guitar riffs and fantastic vocals. It’s worth listening to the entirety of this song, especially since there is a epic guitar solo. This is a great song to start off a good album.

Come Tomorrow has a good introduction. I love the guitar riffs a lot in this song and how the vocals come into this song. Lukas Remus’ vocals are brilliant on this album, I love his voice.

Shine has a fantastic guitar intro. As you get through this song, the drum slamming and the guitars sound brilliant. I feel it gets better as you listen along to it.

Into the Light has a classic MEGADETH vibe to the intro with the bass.  I love the lyrics to this song and Luka’s vocals in this song. The chorus has to be my favourite bit to be honest.

Endlessly has another good science fiction element to the intro, I find it very beautiful. It once again gives me that Blade Runner vibe but as you carry on listening to it, you get a great guitar and bass riff that fits in well. This has to be one of my favourite songs off the album; I really enjoy everything about it.

Hold Your Head High’s intro starts off with good guitar riffs and a bit of a keyboard sound. I can also hear opera voices in the background then it goes into this slow heavy metal guitar riff and drum sound. The “Hold your head high” chorus is brilliant. It fits in so well with the guitars, the keyboards and the drums to this song. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs.

Mistress of the Gods has a great guitar intro that builds up into something great and then it gets very fast paced. I love it. The chorus is very good too, it then moves onto fast paced guitar and drums.

Givin’ It Up is another good song as it builds up to something brilliant. I like the lyrics the most and the guitar riffs fit in well with the lyrics. It’s a great song and it gets better as you listen to it.

Gates of Evermore starts off with a slow guitar solo and then it moves onto something that sounds incredible for a song, it gets fast paced and very heavy. The lyrics are brilliant on this track, I officially consider it another one of my favourite songs.

Hold On has a great drum pattern and a beautiful keyboard intro accompanied with a guitar solo. It starts off slow then the song starts to get really heavy with great lyrics, I also love the vocals on this one.

The final song on the album is Touch The Sky and I like how it’s got a nice acoustic sound to start off. Then you hear the sound of something really heavy and really thrashy with brilliant keyboard effects in the background. The lyrics are fantastic too and it gets so fast paced as you listen to the song with a brilliant chorus. I find this one of my favourites off the album too and it’s an amazing way to end such a good album.

Judging from the strong sounds of this album, I honestly hope these guys make it big. I enjoyed every bit of listening to this album.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Tom Lupton

Mistress Of The Gods is out now.

Find VISION OF CHOICE on Facebook.

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