“The vinyl has always had a strong position in the rock scene and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.”

The barons of rock are back. MÄRVEL released their latest EP Märvellous nearly a month ago and it’s proving to be a popular record amongst fans and critics. Rock Out Stand Out’s Jack Andrews grabbed a quick chat with bass player The Burgher (a.k.a Ulrik Bodstedt) about this EP, the band’s influences and what super power they would each have if they were super heroes.

The 4 track EP Märvellous is amazing and I would love to hear more! Are there any lost tracks that didn’t make the EP back in 2002?

Thanks, glad you love it! Memories are a bit hazy but as far as Tony can remember (he seldomly remembers much) there could have been a couple of songs we played at gigs but that didn’t make the first recording. I (Ulrik) highly doubt it, but if there were they are truly lost.

Are there any memorable/stand out moments you recall from the original recording sessions?

It was a quick and dirty experience with us all in the same room. We had played the songs live a couple of times so it was just a matter of pressing REC. We recorded in the middle of the night and had it done by the first rays of light. John lost his voice the day after but it came back.

Who were your biggest influences when you first wrote the original Märvellous EP?

Short answer: Kiss. Medium answer: Amaze-O. Long answer: Amaze-O, the magician who taught Gene Simmons how to breath fire. John also insisted on wearing a red sneaker and an orange sneaker since he read that Ace Frehley did exactly that during his Kiss audition. It didn’t make John a better guitarist but he has improved since then, thank god!

Last year’s Guilty Pleasures album was a big success.. Are you planning on recording and releasing another cover album?

Hmm, no, I think there will be some time before we embark on another session with solely covers. It’s great fun and we’re really pleased with how Guilty Pleasures turned out, but now it’s time to wind up the song writing factory again.

What city/country do you most enjoy playing in?

It’s always a treat to go abroad regardless of country, but Finland, Spain and Germany have a special place in our hearts I’d say. We always have a great time when going there, which we’ve done a lot. They have a good taste for high energy rock n’ roll and we’ve met a lot of great people there over the years.

What is next for Märvel? Are you currently working on new music?

We have a lot of plans on the drawing board! New music is definitely one of the plans in the early making. Get a hold of that Internet to stay updated!

You’ve got a lot of listeners on streaming platforms. What are your views on streaming music?

Well, it’s the way the music industry works and what matters most to us is that people can listen to our stuff, so I have no beef with that really. Even though I really like the physical format and fiddling with my vinyl records, the majority of my music consumption is digital. But one does not have to rule out the other. The vinyl has always had a strong position in the rock scene and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

Do Märvel have an end goal? If so, what is it?

Keep trucking till the wheels fall off! We also aim to play at the Nobel Prize dinner party.

The costumes you wear are awesome, but look kind of uncomfortable. How long do you spend getting dressed up for a live show?

Right?! You could also say that they’re a necessity since we aren’t exactly lookers. We make sure not to wash them regularly, so they also come with an impregnated scent of rock which really helps you get in the right mindset. We’ve gotten pretty good at dressing up quickly over the years, John even has zippers installed for easy access. But we always prefer to have some time, those masks get slippery real fast when you’re stressed out and start to sweat.

If, god forbid, Marvel (the comic book guys) requested you to change your band name, what would you change it to?

We’ll just point at the umlauts and that will be the end of that conversation, no case!

What superpower would you each choose to have and why?

Ulrik/Burgher: Feed thousands of people with one fish and a loaf of bread so there would be no more hunger.

Tony/Vicar: Turn water into red Lambrusco because I can’t get enough of it.

John/King: Fly-tape producing fingers? Nah, you don’t need superpowers if you’ve got the rock and the roll.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with Rock Out Stand Out today.

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