SINGLE REVIEW: Deacon Brody – U + Me

The trio of DEACON BRODY have been fusing elements of nonstop Indie-Rock and Pop-Punk since they formed in 2017 and setting the scene on fire ever since.

In such a short spell of time, the Northern gents have already been aired on the BBC with their previous singles Repair, Live Forever and Fear. They have performed to a sold-out Manchester Academy 2 (alongside indie-rock monarchy KING NO-ONE and SAYTR PLAY). They came second place at the heavily contested Indie Week UK, proving that they know what works and have continued channelling this force for their latest single.

The story portrayed in the song is a what if? perspective of a relationship that has sadly come to an end, reliving past memories and hoping they can rekindle what once was. This is well utilised in the bridge leading into the chorus: “just give me one more chance, come on and take my hand”

The chorus is catchy and makes good use of a monorhyme quatrain

“Cause it was you and me,

we used to be.

More than a family,

now they’re just memories.”

The use of lyrics like “painted colours in a photograph making movies from our past” refers to playing the scenario back from the protagonist’s perspective on a trip down memory lane.

This is a straightforward no nonsense rock ballad!

After seeing the boys play a few times over the years, I can see this track going down well in their live performances. Furthermore U + Me deserves to be heard in Arenas across the globe as it is very anthemic with punchy guitar riffs and very melancholic yet powerful vocals. It shows how talented this group are as songwriters and how tight knit they are too. I am anticipating what comes next in DEACON BRODY’s future.

U + Me is out now.

Find DEACON BRODY on Facebook.

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