ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire

Are you ready to unleash your inner dragon slayer? With the gallant and noble songs from the upcoming BLOODBOUND album, you can achieve this goal. Rise Of The Dragon Empire showcases their ability to take you away to a far and distant land. In this record this ability is stronger than ever before. Like their previous releases, this album was mixed by renowned engineer Jonas Kjellgren. Music wise it’s a continuation of Stormborn and War Of Dragons.

The album gets off to a mighty start with the title track. A comment that came to attention was about the introduction. They stated that the introduction of the track sounded like NIGHTWISH’s Last Of The Wilds. When you listen back to the track and think about it, they are right. That Scandic folk vibe matches the premise of this gallant tale that BLOODBOUND are about to tell. Rise Of The Dragon Empire is a portfolio of gallant melodies. The tales of bravery and nobility provide the perfect escapism. It can make any mundane task feel like an epic quest. The examples below are some of the highlights of this grand album.

This will also help the listener escape the stresses of reality for those forty-six minutes. It can make any mundane task feel like an epic quest. The examples below are just some of the highlights of this grand album.

The first thing you notice about the song Magical Eye is the strong melody. It takes you to that part of the journey where you are about to know your fate and how it will go. From the prevailing vocals to the bombastic symphonies, this is a Power Metal treat.  When you come across this track; close your eyes, soak in every detail and unleash your inner seer seeker.

Blackwater Bay is that grand and majestic song that plays a regal part of the album. The infamous realm of King’s Landing (Game Of Thrones) comes to mind in the first few seconds. Everything about this track emulates royalty, the chorus particularly show this importance. The track gets the balance of royalty and adventure spot on.

No Power Metal album would be complete without that track with the marching beat. In the case of BLOODBOUND, it’s the track Breaking The Beast. In today’s day and age, we all have insecurities and demons we overcome. We all want to break that beast down or bring it out to face those doubts and fears head on. The majestic melody and beats will help with that.

It ends of a stunning note with the track Reign Of Fire. It’s the phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s full of hope and this track shows a completely different side to BLOODBOUND. The acoustic and tribal introduction build into a grand chorus that emulates hope. This track shows a different side to the band and it’s a beautiful way to end the album.

To say Rise Of The Dragon Empire is a mighty follow on from War Of Dragons is a huge understatement. It’s easy to see why this release was highly anticipated . Calling all dragon slayers, this will be the soundtrack to your next quest.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Rise Of The Dragon Empire will be released 22nd March 2019 via AFM Records.

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