EP REVIEW: Lutharö – Wings Of Agony

LUTHARÖ have been around since 2014, and in that time, they have made two demos and as of March 27th their third EP is released entitled Wings of Agony.

Based in Ontario, Canada, they mix relentless and raw savagery with melodic and technical guitars that makes for a roller coaster of emotions. As well as the broad range of vocal talents of Krista Shipperbottom.

Notable comparisons to make would be the likes of ARCH ENEMY, THE AGONIST and HUNTRESS. With a mixture of more symphonic metal style vocals such as EPICA and WITHIN TEMPTATION.

The opening track Barren starts out very slow and ominously before erupting into LUTHARÖ’s signature sound of defined chaos. Straight away you know what you’re in for with this band. The concoction of brutal and growly vocals merged with euphonious high pitched cleans is rather appealing. Throw in the talented guitar work of Victor Bucur and John Raposo it thenculminates into a fantastic song.

Diamond Back is completely different animal, just when you thought it couldn’t get heavier, YES, it definitely can! The drums really stood out for me in this song as well. A wide range of styles, from blast beats to mid-tempo thrashy vibes. Duval Gabraiel, I salute you, this song is a fast-paced frenzy. LOVE IT.

Blood Lightning starts out with an almost power metal ‘swords in the air running at the enemy bellowing your war cry style intro. Which feels empowering. This rendition weirdly is more easy listening than the magnitude of un-tempered raw viciousness that came before it. But don’t worry, they haven’t gone all soft on us, it builds and builds until your face has been ripped off with tremolo picking guitars and blast beats.

Will To Survive has a bit of everything I personally look for in a metal song. Hard hitting heavy riffs. Fast drumming with half time drops. Vocals that sound like they’re from hell itself. As well as clean chorus vocals that let you regain a fleeting amount of sanity to appreciate the song before your neck breaks from headbanging too much. Great work!

That leaves us with the title track, Wings of Agony. (It’s nearly over already, aw.) The clean intro brings on almost harrowing sense of terror. From there the band put on a huge boot and kick you in the backside within seconds. The vocals are absolutely on point, from the backing high pitched vocals to the terrifying growls. The band really go out on a bang with this song! Wow! What a ride!

The video for this song was uploaded February 26th just to tease the masses. With this you can finally put faces to the terrifying and rather beautiful experiences you’ve just been through! (Those Jackson Flying Vs are puuuuurdy lads.) 

To summarise, this is a very strong EP, part of me wishes it was a full album! (Five tracks passes VERY quickly!) There is a lot to take away from this offering from LUTHARÖ and pretty much all of it is positive, we hope to see a full album release from you in the future!

Rating: 9/10

Words: Ashley Thompson

Wings Of Agony will be released 27th March 2020.

Find LUTHARÖ on Facebook.

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