ALBUM REVIEW: Aevum – Multiverse

Let me introduce a symphonic journey through the world of poetry, the Arts and Old literature. This told through AEVUM, a symphonic metal band from Italy and their forthcoming album Multiverse. This chilling beauty offers us its listening delights with the following tracks.

The Pilgrim starts with fierce intense guitar riffs. During this piece, three vocalists are featured. You have the elegant beauty of the soprano style of Lucille Nightshade. Richard’s vocals are smooth and occasionally uses gruff vocals. You also have Hydra; whose speciality is the gruff fierce vocals. The combination of the different styles gives this track a unique feel. The strong, adrenaline filled drumbeats contributes to this piece by adding extra ambience.

Spark Of Life begins with the powerful melodic vocals of Richard, you next hear Lucille’s bewitching sorrowful soprano vocals. Powerful emotions are projected with the raw gritty guitar solos. There is a surprising edition of a robot voice that adds a sci-fi element to the track. EPICA come to mind when listening to this piece.

Tair opens with a powerful atmospheric intro with spoken word and gruff vocals. The beautifully orchestrated keyboards add an upbeat feel to the track. The lyrics feature a wonderful addition by having some of the verses in French. The words of the piece that spoke to me were “Crying all the time just inside, faking my best smile, ready for another fight”

Black Honeymoon is a particularly appealing piece as it flows more seamlessly. The introduction has more of the melodic aspect that leads the listener into a beautiful well-orchestrated piece. While listening to this track, I was overwhelmed by the talent of the vocalists. They fit together well making this a beautiful symphonic track.

The Time Machine has a fantasy element. They imagine the probability of the introduction of a time machine. During the track I noticed that the guitar riffs were full of stamina but also have a melodic feel. The keyboards have a prominent part to play offering the energy of its electronic presence.

Cold Spot opens with a sorrowful electronic melody that leads into the beautiful, bewitching vocals of Lucille. This track intensifies by a mass burst of energetic bass riffs and the iron lung vocals of Richard. There is a sorrowful and heartfelt aura that is projected in this track.

Ulas starts off with an electronic track that gives this piece an energetic injection. Drumbeats are filled with power and a euphoric sound. Lucille, Richard and Hydra project beauty and passion through their impeccable talent. The guitar riffs give off a power metal vibe.

Hopeless has a dominate opening with fast dynamic guitar riffs. The vocals are stunningly projected giving a beautiful melodic element to this piece. This track has a sorrowful content that tells the tale of feeling hopeless. These lyrics showed this “She was alone, afraid, hopeless”.

Fratricide features an electronic serene opening. The listener is then introduced to strong, robust and energetic guitar riffs. Lucille shows her range and talent, making the track a very passionate and energetic experience.

WWIII starts off with a spoken word intro accompanied by a smooth jazz backing piece. Powerful, gruff voices interrupt the serene quiet atmosphere. This track is full of raw passionate energy and a notably heavier track from the previous line-up.

Seeds has atmospheric guitar riffs that build up to powerful bass riffs that dominate the backing track. This track is rich of a variety of sounds from melodic to middle eastern rhythms. It features the gruff vocals as the dominate centrepiece in this track.

The Gardens Of Mars has anupbeat guitar intro with Lucille’s beautiful soprano voice of leading this track. There is prominent symphonic feel to this track featuring the beat of the keyboards to the bewitching atmospheric bass rhythm.

Cessate Ormai Cessate is a bewitching classic instrumental piece full of energy and passion. What an ending for a truly captivating album.

This is a brilliantly well-orchestrated album full of talent and rich atmospheric tracks. This is a treat for symphonic metal lovers.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Multiverse will be unleashed this Friday via DarkTunes Music Group.

Find AEVUM on Facebook.

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