NEWS: EVIL SCARECROW – Release their new animated video for ‘The Ballad Of Brother Pain’

EVIL SCARECROW released a new animated video for their song The Ballad Of Brother Pain. This is following the departure of Brother Pain and Princess Luxury. Here is what the band have stated:

“When we discovered that Brother Pain and Princess Luxury had sadly decided to leave Evil Scarecrow we thought we’d better get a move on with a project that we’d had in mind for some time; a video for “The Ballad of Brother Pain”.

“When we wrote this song, which features on our 2018 album “Chapter IV: Antartarctica”, we really had no idea how our fans would react to it, but it has turned into a firm fan favourite and outstrips all our other plays on Spotify by miles. This track has been special for us from the start, seeing everyone join in when we play it live is a joy and spotting all the “Does Your Mum Know Where You Are” limited edition shirts from Bloodstock 2019 is always a pleasure. Now of course it will be forever associated with our beloved Brother Dimitri Pain even after he leaves the band … possibly to go to Antartarctica, who knows?

“We commissioned this animation from Rusty Monkey Ltd. earlier this year, we have worked with them on the majority of our videos including Blacken The Everything, Space Dementia and the literally revolutionary Hurricanado. Their fantastic animator Iulia Matei has done a wonderful job of bringing Brother Pain’s visit to Antartarctica alive on our screens. Following the news of Brother Pain’s departure this seems like the most poignant time to release it.”

The video is available below:

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