Hello guys, hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves during these times of uncertainty. Hopefully this selection of songs for the latest edition of the playlist will help keep spirits lifted and help you discover new things along the way.

There have been album releases from Ad Infinitum, Nightwish, Bonfire, Dynazty and Wolfheart. So a song from those albums has been added to the playlist. Single releases have come from Metalite, Alestorm, Fairyland, Eclipse, Ye Banished Privateers, Myrath, Volturian and there is a stunning on from Grave Digger featuring Battle Beast vocalist Noora Louhimo.

Members of Delain, U.D.O, Helloween, Skid Row and AC/DC have all had birthdays within the two weeks so classics from those bands are on the list.

Visions Of Atlantis released an acoustic rendition of Nothing Lasts Forever to help keep spirits up. The video for this song can be found here, the original is on the playlist.

Enjoy, stay safe and see you next time.


Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
Metalite – Hunting High and Low
Ad Infinitum – I Am The Storm
U.D.O – Man And Machine
Delain – Army Of Dolls
Helloween – Eagle Fly Free
Wolfheart – The Hammer
Elvenking – No Prayer For The Dying
Grave Digger feat. Noora Louhimo – Thousand Tears
AC/DC – Back In Black
Alestorm – Treasure Chest Party Quest
Eclipse – Driving One Of Your Cars
Myrath – Endure The Silence (Live In Carthage)
Fairyland – Hubris Et Orbis
Ye Banished Privateers – No Metal, No Pay
Volturian – Broken
Dynazty – Hologram
Bonfire – Warrior
Nightwish – Pan
Visions Of Atlantis – Nothing Lasts Forever

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