ALBUM REVIEW: Argesk – Realm Of Eternal Night

Attention Black metal fans!!!

Are you looking for something that will bring untold misery and cause pandemonium?

Then look no further. ARGESK have returned with a gritty guttural masterpiece.  It is mandatory that the volume is cranked to the max when playing this album.

ARGESK are a melodic black metal band originating from Manchester England. Judging from Realms Of The Eternal Night’s strong content, it’s no surprise that this is long-awaited release into the world of metal.

As I enter this beautiful world of melodic black metal as I delve into the album track by track

During the opening of Spellbound By Candlelight,  there is a melodic introduction. It  features Leth’s haunting keyboard piece. This piece is beautifully orchestrated and it  delivers a sorrowful theme within its melody.

Lord Of An Boundless Void begins with Matt Ih’s harsh guttural vocals. Matt’s vocals are filled with a passionate and atmospheric presence.  You can also hear Dillon’s harsh brutal bass line. The track then rages towards Bob Kendrick’s powerful and climatic drumbeats. The song is raw and full of emotion. It features Leth’s exquisite keyboard piece.

The title track commences with Dillion’s powerful energetic bass line that compliments Matt’s raw gritty vocals. Bob’s atmospheric drumbeats contribute to the raw intensity of the track. CRADLE OF FILTH come to mind when listening  to this track.

Adversary features Dillion’s raw and gritty bassline that powers us into this track. There is an unexpected addition to the track is a perfect balance between Matt’s and Leth’s vocals.. Matt’s and Leth’s vocals give the listeners an experience of ferocity and passion. Bob’s fierce raw drumbeats power into this piece making its presence felt.

In Their Image gives the listeners a melodical rush from Leth’s keyboard piece. This song features chaos and rage that dominate the ambience. Matt’s raw and gritty vocal work give this piece an aggressive feel. Dillion’s bassline is fierce and energetic. Bob communicates such ferocity within the drumbeats. This is a sorrowful and atmospheric track filled with melodic delights.

Liberari In Tenebrae starts off with Bob’s energetic, powerful drumbeats. It also features Dillion’s vigorous bass riffs. This track has passion and sorrow that is communicated by Matt’s vocal work. A lot of the lyrical content stood out in this piece, these included “Sworn to the dark in the dead of night Under bleak, moonlit skies Cowled in the shade in which it dwells”.

Drowned In Freezing Waters starts off with Dillion’s energetic, powerful bass riffs. Matt’s iron lung vocals give this track a raw and gritty sound. Bob’s forceful and dynamic drumbeats give this song a raw and primal edge. During this track, I hear similarities to the style of Old Corpse Road.

ARGESK have bought the black metal world an incredible album. It is full of majestic and atmospheric riffs. It features a perfect balance of melodic and raw gritty vocals. This is a well-orchestrated album a must listen for long time followers of ARGESK’s chaos. It will lure in new listeners along the way.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Realm Of Eternal Night will be unleashed this Friday via Clobber Records.

Find ARGESK on Facebook.

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