NEWS: INSTINCT – Debut a new sound with powerful genre-melding single ‘Comin’ Atchya’

Comin’ Atchya is an observation of the ways in which our current societal paradigm can indirectly promote depression, suicide, obedience and mediocrity. It is a declaration of war, against the outdated, mainstream systematic approach which no longer serves us as a society.

Fuelled by Ben Hirons’ explosive metal hip hop crossover vocal style and Jake Jones’ creative production force, the single is an introduction to the band’s sound that has been under construction for the past two years. Founded upon a vision of originality and innovation, the pair set out to create a project that would break down the norm of what it means to be a metal band. The first single from INSTINCT holds its roots in metal and hip-hop before exploring drum and bass, all whilst feeding into the same experience. 

Later joined by fresh talent Liam Simms (guitar) and James Robson (drums), the band crowdfunded their first music video which was shot by London content pioneers KUKI London. With a strong DIY approach from the band the single is produced and mixed by Jake and the video is a collaboration between KUKI and Ben, with Ben taking a large part in the edit of the video.

Download Comin’ Atchya  for FREE –

Stream Comin’ Atchya here:

The video for Comin’ Atchya is available below:

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