NEWS: HORNWOOD FELL – Premieres ‘The Giantess’ Lyric Video via NoCleanSinging

Italian black metal duo Hornwood Fell is now streaming the lyric video for the track “The Giantess”, which is taken off from the band’s upcoming full-length “Cursed Thoughts”, due to be released on June 26th, 2020 via Kadabra Music. The first part of “Cursed Thoughts” (tracks 1-6) explores Les Fleurs Du Mal (“The Flowers of Evil”) by Charles Baudelaire, and the second part (tracks 7-13) takes the poems of Edgar Allan Poe as its inspiration. “The Giantess” is named after the Baudelaire poem “La Géante”, where the author imagines living beside a maiden giantess, like a luxurious cat at the feet of queen, with Hornwood Fell providing an harrowing and yet darkly enchanting musical interpretation for it.

The streaming premiere is available via No Clean Singing (US) at this location:

No Clean Singing comments the following: «Driven by the rumble and crack of the drums, and accented by the alluring, otherworldly sheen of briefly appearing keyboards, the song generates a feeling of tension and bleakness through a penetrating riff that chills the bones. As the drumming begins to blast and the riffing becomes a fever, livid death growls begin to voice the poetry. Enlivened by extravagant drum fills, the music seems to flare into the sounds of unbound madness, and then transforms into a frightening calamity through monumental, crushing blows, fanfare-like chords, and the skittering strings of fear.»

«The song’s jolting and jabbing rhythms light a fire under the listener’s pulse, while the roiling and writhing dissonance of the fretwork and the surfacing of eerie reverberating tones send chills down the spine. The air of tension and turmoil doesn’t completely vanish even when, near the end, the drums vanish and the music (with tones reminiscent of a mellotron) becomes seductively and eerily entrancing.»

Watch the lyric video below as well:

Find HORNWOOD FELL on Facebook.

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