Two weeks have flown by, meaning it’s time to reveal the latest Rock Out Stand Out Playlist. There is a fairly eclectic selection of sounds on this one.

Album releases have come from The Black Dahlia Murder, Asenblut, Victoria K, Bloodbound and Katatonia so songs from those albums are on the list.

There have been a lot of single releases; these come from Alestorm, The Outlaw Orchestra, Die Kreatur, Thunder Mother, Paradise Lost, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall, Scott Stapp, Ross The Boss and Dark Sarah.

Amaranthe celebrate the ninth anniversary of their self titled debut album so a song from that is on the list.

There were birthdays is camp Alter Bridge, Deep Purple, Within Temptation and Visions Of Atlantis so look out for classics from them.

Stay safe and take care.


Alestorm – Tortuga
Thundermother – Driving In Style
Die Kreatur – Kälter Als Der Tod
Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water
Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall feat. Noora Louhimo – Queen Of Fire
The Black Dahlia Murder – Dawn Of Rats
Scott Stapp – Survivor
Paradise Lost – Ghosts
Within Tempation feat. Dave Pirner – Whole World Is Watching
Visions Of Atlantis – Heroes Of The Dawn
Amaranthe – Automatic
Bloodbound – Bloodheads United
Alter Bridge – Come To Life
Dark Sarah – Melancholia
Victoria K feat. Sheri Vengeance – Matrix
Opeth – Ghost Of Perdition
The Outlaw Orchestra – Arabia
Asenblut – Codex Gigas
Katatonia – The Winter Of Our Passing
Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire

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