NEWS: THE ROCKET DOLLS – Focus Track ‘The Clear Light Of Self Hatred’ Out Today

Brighton rock trio The Rocket Dolls are thrilled to celebrate the release of their new album The Art Of Disconnect today. To coincide with the album release, the band will launch the focus track The Clear Light Of Self-Hatred.

The track is a kaleidoscopic number that drives inspiration from a variety of rock sub-genres. Imagine what would happen if pop-punk married grunge and had a not-so-secret affair with both anthemic rock and Dave Grohl … the result would be The Clear Light Of Self Hatred.
Front-man Nikki Smash comments: “The song is about the false realities and distorted truths that people project under a rose-tinted filter on social media. The larger than life personalities papering over their own insecurities and self-hatred, with doctored images and hollow metaphors. We live in a world where people feel the pressure to put their best face online and this song serves as a warning of the perils of falling into this trap.”

You can watch the video below:

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