EP REVIEW: Nights Like Thieves – The Forgotten

I was so excited when I received this EP from NIGHTS LIKE THIEVES as I am a big fan of theirs. Their 2018 EP Sophomore Slump was such a hit for me as a former emo girl and big pop punk fan so I was stoked to hear their latest creation.

NIGHTS LIKE THIEVES are a pop punk band from California who founded in 2016. They combine a mixture of upbeat and slower rhythms with emotional melodies to create an emo/punk/rock sound in a newer way.

As soon as track one kicked off, I was back in the mid 2000s. There is always a worry with new material from bands you like, as you don’t want to dislike it; but as Magic Eyes started, within a few bars I knew I loved it. I think they are such a great ode to classic post punk, emo rock bands but without being just another band in the mix. Magic Eyes is my personal favourite on the EP and it sets the whole album off to a great start. High energy, classic structure of the era but with their own twist and it kept me dancing. I have listened to this track so many times already and I see it as an instant classic.

Track two follows a similar suit of upbeat, high energy tunes and features Jared Woolsey of FIVESPEED and then track three takes it to a slightly more emotional tug at the heart strings and features Scott Sellers of RUFIO. I really love this track as it once again takes me back to being an angsty teen who didn’t know how to deal with her emotions and its music like this that made me feel less alone. It expresses things I never knew or know how and it’s sing-a-long friendly which I appreciate in a scream out loud feel song.

The whole EP gives me nostalgic vibes and although very familiar, is not “just the same as everyone else”. I really like this band, they’re such nice guys and this EP is a firm favourite for me. I like every track, every song brings something else and all dance around and sing out loud worthy. I cannot wait for these guys to one day tour the UK in the future.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

The Forgotten will be out tomorrow.


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