ALBUM REVIEW: Dynazty – Final Advent

When I first heard DYNAZTY through their album The Firesign, I didn’t know what it was but I couldn’t get into it. No matter how many times I had listened to it. When The Dark Delight came out in 2020, that was the album that hooked me onto this band’s bold and strong sounds. Final Advent is due for release and it shows that the band absolutely mean business. DYNAZTY stated that this album contains ‘no fillers, only killers’ and having listened to the album, this statement stands true. Meaning this gets one of my rare track by track reviews.

From the moment you press play, you already experience the pumping energy and inspirational lyrics in opener Power Of Will. These elements work together to enhance that power within you, particularly when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Advent was the first single released and one that first sparked that excitement for their upcoming album. This is down the pumping energy that this track gives off backed up by empowering lyrics such as “You have the power to choose what you’ll be”.

Natural Born Killer is my personal favourite single of the ones released, this is down to the infectious melody that it showcases. It’s an ear worm, so after listening to this merely seeing the name will be enough to get in your head. The song warns of the dangers of blindly obsessing about and idealising another person.

Yours is a beautiful song and the ballad of the album. Due to the vast beauty in the lyrics and music, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a live anthem already. Lights from all over the larger venues and festival grounds come to mind.

All The Devils Are Here screams 80s and I am loving it, it has that modern twist so it will easily stand the test of time. It contains pumping rhythms, flawless vocal harmonies and one of the best melodies I have heard for a while. Fans of the band may notice a similarity to Heartless Madness from The Dark Delight, particularly towards the end of the track.

The White is the third and final part of the trilogy, starting with The Grey on Firesign and The Black on The Dark Delight. It has a different melody structure to the others and in a completely different key yet you can tell it fits in with the trilogy.

Due to the sinister and industrial musical stylings in Instinct, Rob Zombie comes to mind here. Nils Molin’s distinct and bold vocals work incredibly well with these arrangements. This is my personal favourite track on the album. I have a massive soft spot for tracks that contain spooky sounding elements in songs and Instinct provides this fix.

Due to the title and the action-packed scenarios it brings to mind, Heart Of Darkness wouldn’t be out of place in an anime series or the game franchise Kingdom Hearts. In fact, this may be a great song to promote these sorts of shows.

Achilles Heel is about a fatal weakness despite overall strength. The track is a magnificent work of art that is open to interpretation, some might see this track’s message as despite having what seems like weaknesses, it only makes us stronger and ready for the next stages of things to come. Meanwhile, others might see it as having a fear of being vulnerable as our true, authentic and metal selves, this is backed up by the lyric “The fire is dying, I’m stripped to reveal, the fall of lion, my achilles heel.” Either way it is a strong, powerful track.

Power Of Now is a mighty closer that reminds us of the importance of viewing life as one long journey and cherishing fleeting moments throughout. This is something I am slowly learning as an individual and it’s a great one to. This closer will be a great guiding point.

Advent means the arrival of an important thing or person, Final Advent is that version of DYNAZTY. Whether you’re a long time fan or a new listener, this record will be celebrated and rejoiced. It’s important to note that your undivided attention is mandatory for experiencing this record.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Final Advent will be released 26th August 2022 via AFM Records.

Find DYNAZTY on Facebook.

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