ALBUM REVIEW: Re-Armed – Ignis Aeternum

Behold the vision from the brilliant minds of RE-ARMED.  The band fused together thrash, death and symphonic metal in such a way that is not only memorable but full of raw guttural quality. RE-ARMED are a melodic death metal band hail from Finland, one of the best know breeding grounds for heavy metal.  They are due to release their latest record Ignis Aeternum, here is what happened during the course of the album.

Dive In introduces us to a beautiful fusion from the majestic keyboard. Juhanas Heinonen follows with a raw pulsating energy of the bassline. Jounis Matilainen’s vocals are gruff but feature a harsh polished beauty within his range. During the song, these lyrics caught my attention; “Transform yourself – Face your demons foundation breaks It swallows you away”. As I listened to the lyrics, I felt a pang of sadness during this part.

Jounis vocals are filled with passionate and provide an atmospheric presence during the track Beyond The Horizon. This song is considerably heavier than the previous track, but the symphonic element is still present.  These lyrics stood out for me due to the content. In which I once again felt a pang of sadness. “And now they will fall Free the world from tyrants, (to) Avoid greatest downfalls Lead us into the future”.

The track Ode To Life commences with Juhanas’ powerful energetic bass line, this compliments Jounis’ raw gritty vocals. Adding to the intensity of the track are Allan Välimaas and Oskari Niekkas with their atmospheric guitar riffs. Iiros’ atmospheric drumbeats contribute to the rawness of the track. This is an emotional track highlighting the wonders and the failures of life.

Eager To Collapse features an elegant symphonic introduction with a delicate rhythm from the keyboards. The serene experience gradually fades away into Juhanas’ explosionof ferocity and passion within his bass rhythm. Jounis’ gruff vocals pierce the track with his raw and atmospheric presence. Iiros’ fierce raw drumbeats power into this piece making its ferocity felt.

Resistance gives the listeners chaos and rage thanks to a number of things. Juhanas’ pounding bass line. Jounis’ vocals are raw and gritty that give this piece an aggressive feel. Iiros’ communicates with ferocity within the drumbeats. A sorrowful and atmospheric track filled with melodic delights.

The Hollow Lights start off with a flawlessly beautiful keyboard intro. This track features a beautifully serene ambience reinforced by the presence of an orchestra. Jounis vocals communicates ferocity and adrenaline. I have included an example of the lyrics that spoke to me during this track. “Waking up from the darkest streets, hollow lights are shining through the mist of eternity, embrace the trails of bitter peace”.

Remain Unbounded starts off with Juhanas’ energetic, powerful bass riffs. Jounis’ iron lung gruff vocals give this piece a raw and gritty sound. Iiros’ forceful and dynamic drumbeats give this song a raw and primal edge. This song has an aggressive feel that embraces the symphonic element within its metal claws.

Words Left Unsaid starts off with a melodic serene introduction. The song then flows towards Juhanas’ atmospheric raw baseline, in which smashes through the calm with its ferocity. Jounis’ vocals communicate passion and power within the song. The keyboards contribute its melodic influence within the chaos and rage.

Voyagers intro is fuelled by Juhanas’ intense brutal and powerful bassline. Iiros’ influences the atmosphere and raw ambience with his drumbeats. Jounis’ vocals are brilliantly projected and carry across the emotional value of the song seamlessly.

Built To Last kicks off with Juhanas’ fast paced bassline. This is accompanied by with melodic elements within the background. Jounis kicks off the carnage with his powerful, gruff vocals. The song is the perfect ending to this album, summing up the outstanding talent of the band.

RE-ARMED have brought forth an incredible fourth album. It features a perfect balance of melodic and raw gritty vocals. This album is an adrenaline filled treat for the fans.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Ignis Aeternum will be out this Friday via Black Lion Records.

Find RE-ARMED on Facebook.

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