EP REVIEW: Battle Born – Battle Born

Prepare yourselves for battle, BATTLE BORN that is. They are the newest band of warriors that you will be keen to join after listening to the strong sounds from their debut EP. Their self-titled EP about Skyrim will be sure to secure them a place in the UK Power Metal scene alongside the likes of POWERQUEST, DAKESIS, SELLSWORD and CONTROL THE STORM.

BATTLE BORN don’t mess around, they dive straight into battle with the title track. From the moment you press play, you feel ready to conquer anything that comes your way. This gives you a preview of what to expect from the band themselves. Within the track, you can hear gallant lyrical content being sung by Jack Reynold’s theatrical vocal work. 

The gallant melody of Bring The Metal Back makes you grab the air and stand up tall with pride. This track will make you proud to be a metal head or make you want to become one. With the high falsetto vocal work and finger blistering guitar work this track is a Power Metal fan’s paradise. It contains all the best parts of a Power Metal track and fuses them all together perfectly.

Man Of War has to be my personal favourite track on the EP. As they stated in their press release, this track could have been on the radio in the eighties alongside a JUDAS PRIEST track. Judging from the anthemic sounds and fist pumping vibes, they are not wrong.  From the marching beats and slick guitar solos to the anthemic chorus and commanding vocal work, this track had my undivided attention.

For Our Home is the ballad of the EP. TWILIGHT FORCE come to mind when I hear Will Kerr’s beautiful, soft keyboard melody. It also gives us chance to hear Tom O’Dell’s vocal work. The low tones work incredibly alongside the fantasy like musical arrangements. A highlight to take notice of here is the flawless harmonies between Tom and Jack’s vocals. I can honestly say that this is one of the best power metal ballads I have heard. It joins the list alongside POWERWOLF’s Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone and HAMMERFALL’s Second To None

It close on a heroic note with Sovngard Awaits. This gives the listeners one last tale before they decide to join the band of warriors on their future quests. This track has a soaring effect that is reinforced by the sweeping musical arrangements. You feel heroic and brave when listening to this track.

With its gallant, majestic melodies and equally heroic lyrical content, this is a strong debut EP. It is concrete evidence that BATTLE BORN are not to be messed with. It’s also more than safe to say that these tracks will go down a treat at live shows. Maximum volume is mandatory when enjoying the majestic sounds of this EP.

Warriors, there is a new clan to join and BATTLE BORN are it. Highly recommended for fans of BATTLE BEAST, SELLSWORD and TWILIGHT FORCE.

Rating:  9/10

Words:  Lotty Whittingham

Battle Born will be unleashed 26th June 2020.

Find BATTLE BORN on Facebook.

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