EP REVIEW: Ravenlight – Intermission

For me, the best cover songs sound like the artists own creation. To the point where you are shocked to find out they covered the song and it wasn’t their own. Symphonic Power Metallers RAVENLIGHT are the latest band to show that this is the case with their upcoming EP Intermission, this is bridge between … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Ravenlight – Intermission

EP REVIEW: Juliet Ruin – Dark Water

Freshly unleashed upon my musical radar is JULIET RUIN, a band that I hadn’t come across ... until now! I’ve always been curious whenever hearing there’s a band whose lead vocalist can dual vocalise on clean and harsh vocals, so naturally I was interested in what this band had in store for us. Their latest EP … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Juliet Ruin – Dark Water

EP REVIEW: Seether – Wasteland – The Puratory

South African rockers SEETHER were one of my gateway bands into the genre and they were a key presence in my teenage years when it came to developing my music taste. The last full album I had listened to by them was Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces which was released in 2007, it made navigating … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Seether – Wasteland – The Puratory

EP Review: Malacoda – The Strain

Until recently, I wasn’t familiar with the works of MALACODA. I was originally intrigued with their genre label of Goth Power Metal as I hadn’t really heard that being done before. Naturally, I was curious to find out what that sounded like. Their latest EP The Strain was an intriguing EP that allowed me to … Continue reading EP Review: Malacoda – The Strain

EP REVIEW: The Ramshackle Army – Highflyer

I have been writing for Rock Out Stand Out for approximately 6 months now, and although a few great albums have come close, I am yet to give a 10 out of 10...well that's about to change! The only reason I would not have given this full marks is because it's an EP, not an … Continue reading EP REVIEW: The Ramshackle Army – Highflyer

EP Review: Eonian – The Nomad

Whether they like it or not, New York are getting a brutal wake up call. This is all thanks to EONIAN, an Extreme Symphonic Metal project consisting of many musicians from around the world and it was concocted by guitarist Jaume Antuñano. Their debut EP is out now and from listening to this, it’s easy … Continue reading EP Review: Eonian – The Nomad

EP Review: Rhapsody of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero

Back in 2019 we began our epic journey to The Eighth Mountain, the first chapter in The Nephilim’s Empire Saga. Herein we are given a taste of what to expect in the next instalment from Italian Symphonic Power Metal legends RHAPSODY OF FIRE with their new EP I’ll Be Your Hero. This title track is … Continue reading EP Review: Rhapsody of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero

EP REVIEW: Take Breath – The Hell In All I Held Too Close

I always commend bands for releasing brand new material in the month that is usually saturated with WHAM and Mariah Carey. Last year it was TRIBE OF GHOSTS with their debut EP 1, this year it's TAKE BREATH with The Hell In All I Held Too Close. Given the year we have all had to … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Take Breath – The Hell In All I Held Too Close