EP REVIEW: Entartung – Maleficae Artes

Hailing from Germany, ENTARTUNG formed in 2011 and have released four albums to date. The most recent of which is Maleficae Artes released earlier this year. Their sound is a very raw but contains a melodic style of black metal. It contains hints of a traditional style as well which works nicely here. It also … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Entartung – Maleficae Artes

EP REVIEW: Foul Body Autopsy – Consumed By Black Thoughts

“We get told to put on a brave face, but sometimes the bravest thing to do is take the face off.” I spotted this quote two years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. It's World Mental Health Day today and during these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to keep … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Foul Body Autopsy – Consumed By Black Thoughts

EP REVIEW: Penguin On Fire – Ma’Or

PENGUIN ON FIRE are a deathgrind and grindcore band from Ma’or, Israel and formed of Tom Rachmann (Vocals) and Eden Goldstein (Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals). They are, as described on their website “two village boys who got together in the summer of 2010 to make the most brutal and heavy music they could do.” The … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Penguin On Fire – Ma’Or

EP REVIEW: Koncordia – Diamond Heart

What if I told you there was a sound that reminded you of retro video games and that made you want to move your feet? That piqued your curiosity didn’t it. I am talking about a brand-new Synth Rock duo that go under the name of KONCORDIA, they are due to release their debut EP … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Koncordia – Diamond Heart

EP REVIEW: Fleshdriver – Leech

Introducing American Death metal band FLESHDRIVER. The band are due to release their impressive debut EP titled Leech. Through the pandemonium and fury, the bands phenomenal talents send waves of potent brutal, rawness within the tracks. Leech introduces us to the brutal force of Tyler Denslow’s fierce guitar riffs. Quinn Riley’s drumbeats are an adrenaline rush. This … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Fleshdriver – Leech

EP REVIEW: Osyron – Foundations

Canadian metal band OSYRON are due to release their EP Foundations. It is a concept album that communicates stories of Canadian history and culture. The Cross sets the scene with a stunning melodic intro.  Guitarist’s Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley give this track vitality. Reed’s angelic vocals pierce the ambience. Tyler Corbett’s bass line adds … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Osyron – Foundations

EP REVIEW: Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness

Introducing British metal band SOLEMNITY. The band have released their debut EP titled Through Endless Darkness. Through the pandemonium and darkness, their powerful riffs send a ripple through our senses. Invierno sets the scene with a stunning orchestral piece. This adds the melodic influence that flows within the rhythm. During the track; Dan Benton, Amit … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness

EP REVIEW: Sven Gali – 3

After many years in the shadows, Canadian heavy metal rockers SVEN GALI are back with their brand new EP, 3. In 1993, SVEN GALI reached great heights with their self-titled debut album which was nominated for Hard Rock Album of the Year and Most Promising Band at the Junos. SVEN GALI went gold in Canada … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Sven Gali – 3

EP: The Family – Welcome To The Family

Just because you’re well known for showcasing one particular genre of music to the world, doesn’t mean you won’t don’t well in other directions. The latest example of this theory to come to play is Sheffield based Alternative Rock outfit THE FAMILY; some of them have raised from the ashes of former Hardcore act DEAD … Continue reading EP: The Family – Welcome To The Family