NEWS: THE CRAWLING – Release Third Series Of Play Through Videos

With the success of the previous guitar, bass and drum play-throughs, THE CRAWLING have released a further two series; “Wolves and the Hideous White” and “All Our Failings.” Both tracks are available on YouTube, and contain downloadable .PDF and Guitar Pro 5 files; to accompany the scrolling tablature on the videos. The drums are also a live take, mixed alongside the guitar and vocals from the original recording sessions. 

Vocalist / guitarist Andy Clarke commented:

“We were thrilled with the response of the first play throughs we put up. We received a lot of cool messages and comments of fans learning the tracks, and playing along. We even had a guy do a complete a video of his own [], which was fantastic! So, we asked people what they wanted to hear, and figured we’d do some more. They’re good fun to make, and keeps us rehearsing on some level.”

The band have also been hosting regular Facebook Live events, and working on further videos to provide entertainment for fans, as the social distancing advice continues.

You can watch the clip below:

Find THE CRAWLING on Facebook.

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