EP REVIEW: Frost* – Others

Whilst we are currently experiencing a spell of blistering hot weather and summer has officially begun there are signs of a climate change coming in the form of FROST*

Fear not! We are not due arctic blizzards but instead a chilling six track EP titled Others. These were composed at the time of the bands last release Falling Satellites last year. There was the initial idea that Falling Satellites should have been a double album however as band leader Jem Godfrey stated “it felt more focused and concise as a single album by the time we’d finished making it, so these half completed songs were put to one side. Now finished and mixed they are ready to see the light of day!”

For those unfamiliar with Jem Godfrey and FROST*, they have been together since 2004 after Jem wanted to go back to his roots of progressive rock rather than continue to compose chart-topping hits for the pop genre. Suffice to say, this EP is as juxtaposed from the Summer as is Winter.

What frosty delights we have on the Others EP, which will also be part of the upcoming 13 Winters anthology-artbook physically due to be released later this year.

Fathers from the get go has sounds not dissimilar to that of SCAR SYMMETRY yet this is a totally different beast. It then mixes in some symphonic elements with touches of synth and electronic sampling. This certainly grips your attention straight away.

Clouda for me is Trent Reznor’s nightmarish lullaby infused with drum n’ bass vibes, and elements of Spooky Kids era MARILYN MANSON. “then you fell from the sky, and tore up everything. You put the rainclouds overturning day to night, you must have laughed as we stood dazzled by its sight.”

If you were to put SKINDRED, PENDULUM and NINE INCH NAILS in a blender, the finished goods would not be far away from this glorious piece that is Exhibit A.  There are sweeping guitar patterns, and anthemic fist pumping vocals. Yet also retaining the best bits of late eighties and nineties pop-rock whilst featuring deeply disturbing lyrics of the subject matter being paraded around for the world to see: “send the freak show to the stage”

Fathom is the shortest track on the EP yet holds its own as a quintessential power-ballad and stands out as much as the other tracks on offer here. This would not be out of place amongst the end credits of a blockbuster film.

Eat is hauntingly eerie and has some acapella undertones with the beat and tempo of Cry Me A River by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. This should not be seen as an insult as it is incredibly catchy. Is this a nod to Jem’s chart-topping hits that he wrote in the past?

Drown starts very sombre “lay back and drown, lets drift away, hiding from the world”and carries a poignant message throughout and certainly encapsulates floating away in its watery depths.

This EP has elements of multiple genres and has something for everyone, from the avid metalhead, drum n’ bass fans and fans of the Industrial scene too. Whilst some artists mix too many styles and complicate matters this totally works throughout. This is certainly the fitting music to have on this Summer and extremely enjoyable from start to finish.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

Others is out now.

Find FROST* on Facebook.

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