ALBUM REVIEW: Massive Wagons – House Of Noise

Following on from their hugely popular 2018 album Full Nelson, comes the fifth studio album from Lancastrian rockers, MASSIVE WAGONS, titled House of Noise.

Jam-packed with catchy, well-sung lyrics; groovy guitar riffs and extremely satisfying drum beats, House of Noise was a true pleasure to review. Air guitarists and air drummers, ready your instruments for this exceptional work of art. Dubbed easily their most accomplished work to date, it is not difficult to see why!

The opening track, In It Together, begins with a guitar riff and drum beat reminiscent of late 90s/2000s pop-punk bands but the track quickly turns to hard-hitting classic rock and roll greatness. It reminds me, mainly due to Barry ‘Baz’ Mills’ vocals, of THE WHO. A fantastic opening track that is one to be played loud! It certainly sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Bangin’ In Your Stereo follows and is just as satisfying as the opening track. The opening guitar riff reminds me of a GREEN DAY song. It’s a perfect song to be played in front of a stadium full of people! The catchy chorus will have you instantly chanting along.

The title track follows in the same fashion with a catchy opening riff (this is becoming a theme). Slowing the pace slightly for the opening minute of the track until the doors are kicked down again for the remainder of this brilliant track. House of Noise has a more mature sound than the first two tracks, proving that MASSIVE WAGONS mean business!

Freak City is next. This is quite possibly my favourite vocal work of the whole album – Baz really excels on this track in my opinion. The track contains another extremely catchy chorus that should be sung along to!

Hero completely changes the pace of the album with this bluesy masterpiece. Moody, yet satisfying, it sits perfectly within the album. Not that it is needed, but this is another example of just how great MASSIVE WAGONS are.

Continuing with the moodier sound is Professional Creep. This track reminds me of THE OFFSPRING, even down to the lyrics. “You can’t vaccinate against being an asshole” are probably my favourite lyrics on the album.

Pressure increases in pace with its punk sound. This track welcomes head banging from start to finish!

I was at a loss for words after first listening to the fantastically written, The Curry Song. I thoroughly enjoyed this track, from its hilariously witty lyrics about (you guessed it!) curry, to the funky guitar and bass work that made me want to get up and dance. They even managed to squeeze in yet another catchy chorus! This song is everything you never knew you wanted.

Entering the final stages of the album, Glorious brings more pop-punk to the album. Halfway through Glorious we are treated to an instrumental with a fantastic guitar solo.

Another fantastically written pop-punk song, Sad, Sad Song is next, the opening guitar riff is just brilliant! I am a huge fan of the drum beats on this track.

On to the penultimate track and the pace is altered again. Slowing things down with the powerful Hallescrewya (pronounced like Hallelujah). The story-telling in this track is second to none. The ending to this track is epic and almost feels like it could be the conclusion of the album!

The final track, Matter of Time, reverts back to the bluesy riffs in this slow paced ballad – it hits like a heartfelt goodbye. It is a surprising, yet welcomed finale to a fantastically chaotic album.

MASSIVE WAGONS have made a perfect album in my opinion. They have showcased many styles perfectly without sounding like they are lost – something I am sure many bands would be envious of. Each track has its own personality with their well written music and lyrics.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Jack Andrews

House Of Noise will be released on Friday via EarAche Records.

Find MASSIVE WAGONS on Facebook.

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