NEWS: IMPERIAL AGE – Announce Two More Live Chats

While the lockdown is not over yet in many countries, the representatives of the metal scene continue their online meetings, greetings and chats.

Tonight at 7:00pm UK the leaders of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Imperial Age will come together online on YouTube to discuss everything that can be very important for musicians and people involved in the music industry nowadays.

FRANCESCO PAOLI is an Italian musician, the leader and founder of symphonic death metal band FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE which is well-known all around the world. 

ALEXANDER ”Aor” OSIPOV is a Russian singer and composer, leader and founder of IMPERIAL AGE – one of the most famous symphonic metal bands  worldwide.

The speakers will discuss how they create their music, music business and the influence of the lockdown on it, and also some questions about their private interests.

The fans will be able to ask any questions in online chat in real time and get the answers to them.

Join the stream below tonight at 7:00pm:

On Tuesday June 9, 2020 at 7:00pm, the vocalists from Burning Witches and Imperial Age, will hold a live chat and answer the questions from their fans.

LAURA GULDEMOND is a well-known singer, the vocalist of Burning Witches – one of the most famous bands in the world of metal, and also a vocal coach.

JANE ODINTSOVA is the composer and singer of IMPERIAL AGE – the most world-known symphonic metal band from Russia, and also a medical doctor by education.

They will come together online to discuss various topics which include:

Their background
Why they chose music
Music industry (to sign with a record label or not?)
Plans for the rest of the year

Everyone will have a chance to ask the questions and to get the answers in real time.

Join the stream below at 7:00pm on Tuesday 9th June 2020:

Find IMPERIAL AGE on Facebook.

Find BURNING WITCHES on Facebook.


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