NEWS: SHE-RA – Release ‘EP II – This Time The Songs Are About Video Games’

London’s SHE-RA have released their second EP – EP II – THIS TIME THE SONGS ARE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. Combining elements of Manilla Road, Slough Feg, and 80s toys, She-Ra is a shrieking, riffing, ball of heavy metal fury.

Formed in 2018 on a whim, the band have honed their sound for EP II and are now working on a full length LP due out later this year.

“This is basically music that Conan the Barbarian would listen to.” Quips frontman Rick “The Quick” Weeks. “This EP is 5 songs and 12 minutes of riffs, riffs, and riffs. These are songs that Skeletor would fornicate to.” The band’s attitude on the EP successfully lampoons old school heavy metal while still revering it deeply.

“Manilla Road is the best band ever and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.” Comments Weeks.

EP II – THIS TIME THE SONGS ARE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES is now available direct to download on Bandcamp – but also streamable and downloadable from a bevy of sites like Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.


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