NEWS: SEPULTURA – To Welcome Scott Ian To This Week’s ROOTS Special SepulQuarta Session

In this week’s SEPULQUARTA session SEPULTURA welcomes Scott Ian (ANTHRAXS.O.D) who will be performing ‘Cut Throat’ during this Roots special of SepulQuatra.

The band will also welcome Silvio ‘Bibica’ Gomes, the band’s studio tech/roadie for many albums and tours. Silvio will be part of the Q&A session – he will chat about the Roots recordings at the Indigo Ranch Studios in Malibu, California during the winter of 1995.

Andreas comments “Silvio Gomes was my guitar tech and has been the studio tech for Sepultura since the early days. He was with us during the whole process of recording Roots and was there when we toured the world, including at our last show with Max at Brixton Academy. We will chat and remember those amazing and difficult days. Also I’m very happy and honoured to have our brother/idol Scott Ian jamming with us on ‘Cut-Throat’! He’s done this with us a few times before and now we can present this exclusive version of the song. Enjoy your SepulQuarta!”

Join the band this WEDNESDAY 17TH JUNE at 8pm BST:

Find SEPULTURA on Facebook.

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