NEWS: YOUR LAST WISH – Premieres ‘Exile’ Drum Playthrough via Sick Drummer Mag

With roots in classic death and thrash metal, Montreal melodic death metallers Your Last Wish are darker, heavier, and have matured in their sound. Unleashing their latestconcept album “Eradicate” this past February, the full length beautifully exploits post-apocalyptic themes. It is a bilingual album with songs in both English and French along with being composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. But behind every album, there’s also a monster machine creating the blast beats and the explosion of fury that engages every metalheads headbanging. 

The band is excited to focus on the man behind the kit, drummer extraordinaire, Blake Lemieux, and the pummeling assault of his playthrough for “Exile”, a track with old school thrash influences that also introduces odd-time signatures.

Lemieux comments:

“With the talents of musicians that I work with it sure pushes me forward to become a better musician myself when I do these playthroughs. This one originally started off as a band video and then I thought why not make it a drum one too. So now there are two videos of the same song. I had as much fun making this video as I did recording it in the studio with Kevin Jardine (Uplift Productions, Slaves On Dope) along with Steve Vac, the guy who made the video and did an incredible job.”

Watch the drum playthrough via its premiere on Sick Drummer Magazine HERE.

Find YOUR LAST WISH on Facebook.

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