NEWS: FIRE FROM THE GODS – Celebrates Juneteenth With New Video For ‘Break The Cycle’

Fire From The Gods’ AJ Channer could not sit on the sidelines for one more day.  When the world erupted in protest of the killing of George Floyd, he set out right away for Minneapolis.  No better time than now to enact the philosophy supported by the lyrics of the songs on his band’s album, AMERICAN SUN, which was recorded in early 2019, well before this call to action heard worldwide.  A song fully representative of that line of thinking is their single “Break The Cycle”, which revealed its stunning visual counterpart today.

The video for “Break The Cycle” (directed by Wombat Fire) is a story of support for people fighting to not have to fight anymore.  It is the story of generations of struggle experienced by BIPOC all over the world.  Footage from Channer’s trips to Minneapolis and Atlanta make their way into the video with additional protest coverage from the media and the proverbial fire started by the movement. 

Watch the video below:

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