NEWS: MASSIVE WAGONS – New Single ‘House Of Noise’ Out Today

MASSIVE WAGONS 2020 Photo copyright by JOHN McMURTRIE

Lancaster rockers Massive Wagons are thrilled to announce the release of their third single House Of Noise on 19th June 2020. The song is the title-track of their highly anticipated new album, set for release on 17th July 2020 via Earache.

House Of Noise is quintessentially Massive Wagons. The initial guitar riff and the thumping drums start the build up to what will become an instant classic: a song displaying the band’s signature “larger than life” attitude, a track that will have everyone jumping and singing along. House Of Noiseis packed with energy and delivers pure rock ‘n’ roll.

Front-man Barry Mills comments: “Absolutely the very last track written for the album, we wrote half of it over the Christmas holiday and the other half in the studio. In the past we’ve taken an album name from a song, this time we wrote a song after the album name oddly, but it was great to write it in the studio, something we’ve never really had time to do before. It was totally fresh to us right up until laying down the guide tracks, developing all the time, it was an exciting song to write. Myself and Adam talked for years about writing a track with a kind of dance vibe, the dance music beat, and especially the early 90s dance tunes were all big stand out tracks, huge singles some of them, and we wanted to kind of try and capture a piece of that. The track itself is about the sometimes chaotic scenes unfolding in ones mind, the noise, the thoughts, paranoia, anything really, we’ve all been there at some point, as you go through life things change, you have to get your head around a lot of issues: age, relationships, stress, time marching forward. It’s a song about these things really, we are really excited about the track, it’s like nothing we’ve done before, and something we’ve wanted to do for ages’”

You can listen to the single below:

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