NEWS: DRAEMORA – Share Guitar Playthrough ‘Legion of Scum’ via TechnicalMusicReview

Relatively new to the Seattle metal scene, Draemora is comprised of seasoned musicians who, despite COVID-19 slowing their debut, are ready to show the world their EP “Awakening” on June 26, 2020, via Ultra Nast Records.

The EP, lyrically, is about battling with drugs and alcohol, and the long journey out of that hell. Heavy, prodigious and heartfelt, vocalist/guitarist Terry Jenkins notes his personal attachments to the lyrics he writes: 

“The lyrics come right out of the pages of my life, the things I went through, and how I got through them. Music is a huge outlet for me to dump the good times, bad times, and everything else in between. The majority of the lyrics are a culmination of direct excerpts from letters, poems, and life experiences from the period between May 2018 and August 2019. It was a very intense time in my life.”

Today, the band shares their second guitar playthrough for the last song on the EP ‘Legion of Scum’.  The track is the heaviest on the release. It starts off with heavy riffs and just keeps beating you over the head till the end.  This is a banger of a track and one of the band’s favorites to play.

Guitarist Terry Jenkins adds:

“If you love Mesa/Boogie Rectifiers, Fender Strats, and Metal with huge epic riffs you are going to really enjoy this playthrough! This song is so damn fun to play and I hope you enjoy the playthrough!!! If you have additional comments feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!! Word!!!”

Recommended for fans of Strapping Young Lad, Whitechapel, and Nevermore; watch the playthrough for ‘Legion of Scum’ via TechnicalMusicReview HERE.

Find DRAEMORA on Facebook.

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