ALBUM REVIEW: Maud The Moth – Orphnē

Orphnē is the most recent musical offering from MAUD THE MOTH, a music movement brought into being by Amaya López-Carromero, a Madrid born pianist, singer, and songwriter. MAUD THE MOTH is Amaya’s alter ego, a conduit that she uses to explore and create music that is greatly influenced by her own personal life experiences. Through this medium, she often pulls inspiration from many ranges of musical styles ranging from jazz and folk to classical and rock.

In the creation of Orphnē, MAUD THE MOTH has looked at a darker side for inspiration. She uses the duel meaning of the word Orphnē from the ancient Greek. First Orphnē, a Greek nymph who resided in the underworld of Hades. The second meaning draws form the root of the word orphan. With two strong supports, she uses this album to bring together the meanings into a listening experience that plays on the idea of the dark and fantastical, the idea of hurt and lose. She tries to raise in our mind to the desolation we may feel when alone and abandoned.

In the dark hypnotic vocals and melodies on display in this album, she has managed to reach her goal. The tracks in this album can be truly and deeply moving. Using her unique vocal range and ability, she creates an effect that brings to mind an impression of dark mystery, a song that would easily found in Orphnē’s home of Hades in both being beautiful but also enticing. These haunting melodies would not be so out of place in a fantasy inspired visit to the Elves of old, though it would fit better with a visit to the Dark Elves/Drow as the beautiful vocals hold a dark undercurrent within in them. The gentle melodic accompaniment of the instruments harmonises perfectly to create a sound scape of dark wonder.

As the album progresses along, a journey passes though you. When starting the journey, you can feel the music moving over you. Gently calling out to depths in your mind to the dark parts that are seldom visited with slow but powerful vocals and enchanting melodies. But, as the album progresses the rhythm picks up and a gentle beat comes in to play. It brings the listener from the enchanted woods back to more surer footing. The tunes become less ethical and more like the folk music we recognise. Thus, helping us to complete the journey with an upbeat and grounding tune. Enabling us to feel as though we have been taken for a walk round. A gentle walk thought the enchanted woods to see the beauty, mystery and sublime and back to our homes with more knowledge than we left with. I think that this musical offering is a wonderful delight for anyone looking for a gentle relaxing but uplifting listen.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Steph Warren

Orphnē will be released this Thursday via Música Máxica.

Find MAUD THE MOTH on Facebook.

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